Clearpool Gets a Clean Chit on Audit Reports

Clearpool, the leading decentralized ecosystem for capital markets that allows borrowing of uncollateralized liquidity, has finally released its final audit reports approved by two of the leading auditors, CertiK and 

According to the reports, these two external security auditors were contacted for auditing and reviewing the infrastructure of the Security Protocol that Clearpool has been preparing to deploy on their platform to safeguard users’ assets. As a leading borrowing and lending platform Clearpool has always prioritized the safety and security of its clients’ funds and also facilitated millions of dollars to make the project a successful and reliable one. Getting a clean chit from two of these industry-leading auditors is a giant leap towards the success of the project. 

CertiK is a reputed security auditor in the cryptocurrency market, and therefore getting audit approval from CertiK certainly speaks volumes about the legitimacy of the project. Before approving the final audit report of Clearpool’s mainnet security protocol, CertiK investigated the infrastructure of the project and concluded that there were no alarming issues in the project other than some minor issues that have been reported to the development team for rectification. 

The other auditor also audited the final reports submitted by Clearpool thoroughly, and thus there is hardly any scope for loopholes to exist. There were three rounds of thorough audits conducted by before the mainnet launch of Clearpool, and no major issues were found on the Testnet. The informational issues that existed were officially resolved by the development team before the mainnet launch.

Getting an approved audit report from the best auditors in the crypto space has been just a stepping stone to the success of Clearpool. It would help the development team of Clearpool to deploy more and more borrower pools into their ecosystem amidst a safe security protocol for assets deployed on their platform. 

The non-existence of any major issues on Clearpool’s testnet indicates that the project is safe. The team has also announced that to keep the project transparent. They will continuously update the community about all the future audits that the team would undertake to improve the security of the borrowers’ funds into their pools. 

Scott Cook

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