Clearpool positions credit vaults on Base, Ethereum L2 Blockchain

Clearpool has positioned its credit vaults on Base, an Ethereum L2 Blockchain nurtured by Coinbase and created on the open-source OP Stack. 

Portfolio Technologies, a crypto conventional HFT space-creating body, utilizes its advanced technology to lessen the interruption in buying and selling online assets throughout all exchanges and OTC markets. It has been responsible for initiating the positioning of the credit vault on Base. 

It has been created as an open and permissionless Ethereum L2, with Base providing the necessary safety factors, balance, and upgradability to help boost on-chain applications and smoothly incorporate fiat onramps. 

Credit vaults allow borrowers to establish their boundaries, such as rates of interest, repayment periods, and KYC necessities, which signifies further custom-made avenues. By maximizing effectiveness, credit vaults encourage lenders through increased rates of interest, roping in added users. 

The compatibility aspect of credit vaults paves the way for an entire array of borrower profiles, thus creating harnessed credit items and non-crypto businesses connecting with the Clearpool ecosystem. 

Since its inception, more than $530 million worth of loans have been made on the Clearpool protocol. 21 entities, such as Jane Street, Banxa, Flow Traders, and others, have connected with Clearpool to introduce borrower pools. 

According to Jakob Kronbichler, CEO and Co-Founder of Clearpool, its introduction on Base has resulted in its smooth incorporation into Coinbase’s array of solutions.Now, businesses will have the option of connecting with private credit on-chain. 


Clearpool is a top player in the decentralized finance credit space. It is a permissionless protocol allowing businesses to obtain unharnessed liquidity from DeFi-based markets. It was formally established in 2022 and has been responsible for initiating a large number of loans and carefully increasing its user base in terms of crypto and TradeFi businesses.

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