Clip Finance announces integration with Chainlink build program

Clip Finance is now all set to join Chainlink BUILD and leverage the benefits plus functionalities that come along. This includes but is not limited to, Oracle services and technical support.

The community of Chainlink is way more active than one assumes it to be. Technical support via Chainlink BUILD comes in handy at the time of constructing a new project on the network. As for Oracle Services, they are way above the industry standard. Clip Finance will leverage these capabilities to enhance its offering of cross-chain yield optimizer protocol.

It is not just Clip Finance claiming benefits in the partnership. Chainlink is also in line to have advantages in its favor. For instance, Clip Finance will make available 5% of the supply of its native token to all the relevant elements of the Chainlink ecosystem. This includes validators along with other service providers. Other benefits for Clip Finance for joining Chainlink BUILD are:-

  • Integration of price feed
  • Automation of smart contract mechanism
  • Access to the alpha & beta releases of Chainlink products

It has highlighted that the integration will increase access to the users of Web3 who are looking for a convenient yield optimization solution. Working best between Clip Finance and Chainlink is the incentive that has reportedly aligned between the two.

The aim for Clip Finance by joining the Chainlink BUILD program is to boost the growth of its ecosystem while making sure that there is a long-term adoption of its asset management products. Clip Finance has clarified that it will settle all the necessary transaction fees toward the service providers hailing from the Chainlink community.

Arthur Schaback from Clip Finance has expressed excitement on everyone’s behalf, stating that they are looking forward to gaining access to industry-standard Oracle Services, technical support, and a crypto-economic model that can only be defined as robust. Calling the community of Chainlink passionate, the Co-Founder of the venture has highlighted that the integration empowers them to set a new standard for cross-chain yield products in the decentralized finance sphere.

Members from the Chainlink community have responded positively to the development. Most of them have welcomed Clip Finance to the ecosystem by congratulating them for the integration. Others have wished Clip Finance to prosper in the ecosystem, while some have hinted that these are bullish trends for Chainlink, something that will only lead them to the peak of the Web3 era.

Clip Finance is a protocol for decentralized finance that offers solutions pertaining to risk management, gamification elements, and user experience (also denoted as UX). The operations of Clip Finance are based on achieving the mission of simplifying all the live complexities in DeFi. This includes mitigating hassles and providing a more practical experience to users.

Scott Cook

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