Clique: Layer 3 of STP’s AI-Enhanced Gaming launched on Base

STP announced the introduction of Clique on Twitter on March 21. Clique is a Layer 3 blockchain utilized for AI-Enhanced Gaming on Base, a brand new Ethereum L2 that Coinbase has incubated and is constructed upon the open-source OP Stack. The Base community has been giving significant attention to Clique as a result of its low transaction fees and data availability charges. This will facilitate intricate computations and interactions on the blockchain, while also establishing a precedent for the integration of autonomous on-chain agents and AI-powered gameplay.

STP has established a substantial community on Base’s ecosystem, as evidenced by the top three trending titles in Ancient Forest and over two thousand ERC- 6551 creations in AWNS. It is said that Eternal Legacy, the very first game on Clique, features strategic card battles augmented by artificial intelligence.

Clique is a rollup Layer 3 chain implemented on Base, which is fortified with Celestia’s data availability sampling. The primary objective of the L3 is to enhance efficiency, scalability, and performance in anticipation of the substantial workload that AI-enhanced on-chain gaming will impose. In addition to constructing and deploying Clique on Conduit’s managed and fully secure rollup platform, the application will leverage Airstack’s APIs to facilitate smart contracts’ efficient processing of the substantial workload associated with on-chain gaming and to enhance scalability.

In conjunction with the exponential increase in computational power, the chain’s parameters have been optimized to accommodate on-chain gaming and artificial intelligence by providing developers with convenient access to tools.

STP’s introduction of Clique leverages its pre-existing infrastructure and integrations with critical applications to provide additional support for the ecosystem. The “Game Portal” encompasses all pertinent details regarding Clique, similar to the Ancient Forest on Base. It also provides access to AWNS, which primarily serves to be integrated with other games within the ecosystem. The “Community” application now enables AI and gaming devotees to explore and engage with the governance and fandom of every gaming community.

In an effort to empower and reward their developer community, STP will also provide ecosystem support in the form of project grants and developer resources, in addition to the imminent release of the “Developer Engine” SDK for Clique. Clique extends an invitation to developers and creators to utilize its resource and mobilizes them to actively contribute to the evolution of the gaming industry.

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