Clover Finance Partners with Darwinia Network

Clover Finance, the recent Polkadot project based on a decentralized finance system, has signed a collaboration with Darwinia Network.  They aim to diversify the ecosystem of Polkadot by introducing more public chain cryptocurrency assets like Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum into the network. For that, they will try to minimize the problems that arise out of cross-chain clashes, a common phenomenon in heterogeneous chain systems.

Developed by a team of Polkadot scientists led by Viven Kirby and Burak Keceli, Clover is a smart contract Operating System which has created a DeFi gateway with maximum speed and minimum cost. Kusama and Polkadot collaborated to create Clover, for Polkadot provided an opportunity to process multi-chain transactions simultaneously, without encountering the congestions that delayed transactions on legacy networks. The creation of Clover provided numerous benefits to commercial users, like lower gas charges, fast processing of advanced financial transfers among multiple applications, and complete anonymity.

Due to all the factors mentioned above, Clover has rightly assessed the necessity of cross-chain resources. Since Darwinia aims to provide a seamless interface for handling cross-chain assets among diverse and heterogeneous chains, they have aligned their interests with Clover. The partnership will enable the two platforms to study and formulate viable alternatives for cross-chain asset interactions which are economically and technically effective. The outcome will provide users of Blockchain technology with a cross-chain transfer gateway of heterogeneous chains that is technically advanced but also requires minimum charges. At present, the networks are examining the possibility of formulating cross-chain standards that will be feasible in both DeFi and NFT areas. Furthermore, by the time of completion of the article, Ethereum and Polkadot had already initiated a migration of assets via cross-chain. Hence, it has been proved that transferring cross-chain assets among heterogeneous blockchains is an effective step.

A two-way seamless bridge for cross-chain transfer of assets between Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain has already been initiated by Clover, which is now subject to internal quality checks. Their upcoming projects include furthering the establishment of similar cross-chain links between diversified blockchains like Heco and Avalanche and integrating them with the in-app and plug-in wallet powered by Clover’s network so that people can get more access to the benefits of Polkadot infrastructure. The smart contract ecosystem of Polkadot, Clover, is determined to focus on the significance of cross-chain assets. The partnership shall enable the two platforms to evaluate the cross-chain solutions in collaboration to allow interaction among assets in heterogeneous chains interlinking Blockchain users.

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