CLS Global announces partnership with ApeSwap

CLS Global has announced a partnership with ApeSwap, informing the community that the dynamic association between the two will open the door to a new experience for DeFi. ApeSwap has responded to this announcement by thanking them, further stating that they are looking forward to what comes next after the collaboration.

As a matter of fact, ApeSwap has retweeted the announcement and added a few more interesting highlights. This includes shedding light on the fact that they will be working to build and manage sustainable liquidity.

The community is excited about this association. Many members have come out to call this partnership a game-changer with the objective of empowering partners to build liquidity.

A partnership with ApeSwap for CLS Global follows its sponsorship activity in Asia under the event title The Rising Crypto Powerhouse. This pertains to Korea Blockchain Week in association with Hype Boy NFT. The Afterparty event will happen in Seoul from September 06, 2023, as an exclusive event.

It will be hosted by the Tron Foundation and Huobi Global Ventures. Konnect will co-host the event. It is mandatory for users to register in order to see the complete address. As of now, the registration has concluded, with all seats booked for the event. However, interested visitors can still get their names on the waiting list.

The exclusive event can only be accessed by those who are invited for it. The Rising Crypto Powerhouse brings the offering of networking along with free drinks and airdrops. Not to be missed is the exciting DJ who will be playing some rocking tunes.

As for ApeSwap, the venture has announced the launch of a staking mechanism for $GANA in its Real Yield Staking Pool, enabling users to earn $BNB at the current APR of 70%. The pool duration is set to 97 days. A total of $346,087 worth of funds have been staked at the time of articulating this piece.

Moreover, ApeSwap has launched a Liquidity Health Dashboard in association with Polygon. It is currently in the limited beta phase, which is powered by ApeSwap.

ApeSwap has called this industry’s first rating system for risk and credentials when it comes to on-chain liquidity data. Many members have got their hands on the dashboard, and reviews are out. Most of them have called it a great system, while others have said that it is perfect the way it has been built by the teams.

With the liquidity dashboard in the picture, there is a possibility that many more players will move in this direction. The aim is likely to demonstrate how healthy the funds of their respective community are. It brings all the crucial data to a single place. What the community can take back is gaining access to review the liquidity profile and sustainability of crypto projects.

CLS Global and ApeSwap entering into a partnership is the highlight for now. It is indeed a turning point in the DeFi sphere with the mission to provide a-peeling opportunities to its users.

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