CMC Markets Expecting 126 Million Pound Operational Income

CMC Markets is a UK-based brokerage group founded in 1989. It offers trading instruments and betting solutions to clients. The trading can be done in forex, cryptocurrencies, shares, commodities, etc.

As per 2021, CMC Markets broker review, it is a well-known and established broker in the UK, listed on the London Stock Exchange. You can also check out and learn more about the best forex brokers in the UK and explore the forex brokers New Zealand list.

CMC Markets PLC published a brokerage statement from April to September for this financial year. It set an expected operational income to about 126 million pounds. The release came just after a month when the London-headquartered global broker lowered the operational income expectations from 330 million pounds to 250 to 280 million pounds for the entire year. 

The leverage gross client income fell to 127 million pounds from last year’s 174 million pounds for these six months. The brokerage also shed light on the fact that client trading volumes have increased during the volatile period in September.

It is expecting a leverage net trading revenue of about 100 million pounds. This is exactly half the revenue for the last fiscal year of 2021. On the other hand, the non-leveraged trading revenue of 24 million pounds is close to last year’s revenue of 26 million pounds. 

This year, the brokerage group is expecting that the non-leveraged revenue is going to contribute about 19% to the net revenue of the organization. Last year, the share was just 11%.

The group also talked about its expansion in the Australian market. The migration process is expected to finish in the next 12 to 14 months.

According to Lord Cruddas, the CEO of CMC Markets, the non-leveraged business has shown great growth potential. This also represents about 50% of the business in Australia. Non-leveraged businesses represent 20% of the overall CMC market, the highest proportion since its launch.

Cruddas added that they are moving on the path of diversification at a great pace. They are working on winning the non-leveraged B2B and B2C businesses and expecting a bloom with the launch of the UK investment platform. 

CMC Markets is very transparent in its operations, including the various fees mentioned clearly on its website.

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