CMC Markets Witness Almost Record-Breaking Revenue in Q3

CMC Markets recently released its data for the third quarter, noting almost record-breaking client money. The report accounted for the venture’s trading performance between October and December 2021. 

The organization noted that both of its non-leveraged and leveraged business is still close to record highs. In addition, its monthly active users across the CMC business stayed in cohesion to the first half of the accounting year. Users can read the linked article to know more about CMC Markets.

Throughout the first half of the fiscal year 2022, i.e., April 2021 to March 2022, CMC Markets witnessed a 45% decline in its operating income. On the other hand, its pre-taxation profits almost went down by 74%.

However, the venture witnessed only a 9% decline in its leveraged clients while the non-leveraged customers surged by 10%. AsCMC plans to completely separate its non-leveraged and leveraged businesses, its goal of achieving optimal shareholder value seems closer.

As one of the most well-known financial companies in the industry, it has earned its position among the top Australian forex brokers. The venture is set to capitalize on its reputation as it is starting to separate the customers. 

The fact that CMC Markets sustained its performance across both operations is enough reason for the venture to conclude the separation. Lord Cruddas, CMC Markets’ CEO, also expressed delight regarding the report.

Cruddas stated that the ongoing trends in the Australian physical share assets are beneficial for the organization. CMC Markets is all set to launch its latest United Kingdom investment platform in the first half of 2022. Cruddas showed confidence in the venture in 2022, as it has several strategic initiatives planned for the year.


CMC Markets even increased its net operating income expectations to 280 million pounds from 250 million pounds because of the operations.

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