CMO Of AXEL.Network, Jeremy Forsberg Speaks Exclusively With CryptoNewsZ

Jeremy Forsberg, CMO, AXEL.Network spoke exclusively to CryptoNewsZ and discussed about the AXEL Platform and the Cryptocurrency world.

Jeremy was co-founder and CEO of the NAVADA Group – a UK based creative agency that worked with some of Europe’s most powerful and recognizable brands. He boosted audience engagement for a horse racing brand by over 2,000%, turning it into the top racing brand. He’s best known for leading the award-winning Road Respect campaign, wielding viral content to slash drunk driving incidents. He leads AXEL’s strategic content and marketing initiatives and has launched the company’s major projects, including its blockchain platform AXEL.Network.

Jeremy is a regular guest on BBC Radio and has given presentations on the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency at multiple conferences, as well as at UNLV. Jeremy holds a postgraduate degree from Newcastle University and also earned a CPE in Law from the University of Northumbria.

CryptoNewsZ: Thanks for joining us today. Can you tell us more about the journey of the AXEL platform?

We’ve been building decentralized products for over a decade with the primary focus on giving users greater control over their files and data – putting users first. We developed an ecosystem that has attracted over 2 million users, with positive ratings for all of our applications.

This journey has been an exciting process, with many twists and turns – from the ideation stage to development and adoption phases of our new technologies, and our customer engagement for AXEL.Network. We are seriously motivated to keep creating solutions for users to keep greater control and confidence in managing their own data, without compromising convenience and ease of use. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: AXEL is a ‘Masternode project like no other.’ What do you think are the distinctive features and services of the AXEL platform?

Our team at AXEL has set out to make its mark, not just in the tech industry, but also in the world of data and content.

We are a solutions company first– and we’ve built our products to have real-world utility and capability while maintaining our commitment to creating a powerful content distribution network.

Our AXEL.Network platform is run by Masternodes, which serves to support the deployment and expansion of our decentralized and distributed blockchain network and protect the ledger itself by carrying the blockchain information, writing new blocks to the chain, and maintaining the integrity and security of the network. We already have dozens of Masternode operators on a reserve list around the world, and it’s growing day by day.

Several elements that make it a project like no other:

1) We’re an existing company with millions of users, multiple patents on our technology, and an experienced team.

2) We’re product first: We’ve built our blockchain to complement our existing products, and are adding new products that maintain our focus on data custody and content distribution.

These include features that are unique for an IPFS Platform and Wallet:

• Easy to use drag and drop functionality
• Import existing hashes for simple migration
• Our wallet links transaction hashes to real-world data on our IPFS Pinning facility
• Global search to give users easy access to content on IPFS
• Blockchain technology that will be integrated with existing AXEL products, exposing millions of users to the technology

3) The core of our business is focused on product and revenue and built upon sound business principles. We are focused on creating a sustainable business that will continue to grow and be around for a very long time.

4) Finally, we’ve structured our Masternodes to be accessible to increase the likelihood of participation and generate support from the community. Our tiered approach balances security and stability of the network while ensuring we can increase participation in the project. Our rewards structure is also looking towards the long-term. Bottom line – this is a Masternode project with a real product that will have real-world use. And, it’s just the first of many blockchain-enabled products that our community will see from us over the next 12 months. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: What is the core philosophy that drives AXEL towards its success?

We are and always have been driven by users everywhere – to give them tools to ensure greater control over their own data. Over the years, we’ve seen the increasing erosion of users being able to govern what happens to their data, files, and content.

Our vision is to create technology that empowers people to enjoy the benefits of the digital economy, but most importantly, to maintain absolute control from a private network.

Ultimately, our company builds solutions that enable users, both businesses and consumers, to effectively create, manage, and even monetize their data, as well as maintain custody over their data and content. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: Could you please elaborate on AXEL’s proprietary SOAP process? Why did you deploy the AXEL Token in SOAP?

Data custody is such a fundamental concept of our product development, and blockchain has the ability to attach immutability to users’ content. We saw the potential of this technology early on, which inspired us to develop AXEL.Network and continue to build out our content distribution network.

Powered by the AXEL Token, our recently launched AXEL Wallet is the first to utilize a transaction hash explorer, which means that a user can check a transaction hash that is linked to real-world data. By tokenizing content, we developed a proprietary process called SOAP, which stands for Secure, Organize, Authenticate, and Protect. This serves as the platform’s foundation and links user transactions to real-world data such as warranties, software licenses, contracts, or other real-time information that may be relevant to a particular transaction.

We are committed to our token having a purpose and real-world use in our network so that users can achieve greater custody of their data through portability. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: How do you think AXEL.NETWORK will help achieve ultimate data custody?

Our SOAP Process is central to improving data custody for users. But, we also believe it’s our commitment to building the RIGHT kind of technology.

We didn’t adopt blockchain or distributed computing because of a fleeting trend; we did it because we’re fixated on developing technology that will deliver real solutions for users.

Initially connected to our IPFS Pinning facility, AXEL.Network will be integrated with our existing AXEL ecosystem and applications, plus we plan to roll out new services for even more effective ways to manage and monetize data.

We’ve considered the whole process from the ground up. We identified the problems, our goals, and then set out to develop the best solution we could to meet the needs of users. Combined with creating a great user experience, ease of use, and accessibility, we trust we are creating a much-needed alternative for users to see the benefits of data custody. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: What other projects are in store based on InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), Distributed Databases (DDB), and blockchain technology throughout 2019?

We are soon launching AXEL IPFS Pinning, which will include our IPFS Global Search functionality (it’s really cool, like Google but for IPFS), and we’re now integrating this technology within our existing application ecosystem, including our photo sharing application LetMeSee.

We’ve also dedicated more resources to accelerating our Distributed Database as a Service product, and are looking to partner with organizations and developers who wish to be a part of the AXEL Network. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: What are your views regarding Bitcoin? Where do you think it is heading?

Bitcoin is what started it all. It’s incredible, and anyone who denies the impact it has had isn’t really paying attention to how the digital world is changing.

As the genesis of the blockchain movement, it also demonstrated that we are all still evolving from both a technological and societal perspective. Its impact on finance and technology has compelled people to consider the concept of decentralization and how it will have a lasting impact.

It’s hard to imagine Bitcoin going anywhere in terms of an ideal and a technology. As a cryptocurrency, I think it will remain a powerful and positive part of the fintech landscape. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: What are the disadvantages in the cryptocurrency space? How can they be overcome?

The disadvantages are focused on the challenge of mass adoption – the need to create a greater understanding for more stability, and real-world use cases for people.

It’s time to move beyond the ideal and break out of the early adopter mentality, to start really looking at how cryptocurrency can be incorporated into everyday life.

Unfortunately, so many people did so many stupid or unethical things, that it has tarnished a great technology and negatively influenced people who aren’t knowledgeable or experienced in this space. Jeremy Forsberg


CryptoNewsZ: What do you consider as the biggest achievement of the AXEL ecosystem?

Staying committed to our core principals to be guardians of data custody.

With a long history in developing applications for true ownership of data, we are always looking to harness new technology ideas, and continually researched distributed computing and blockchain technology, and how this could integrate into our current ecosystem. We’re proud that our technology applications have attracted millions of users.

We’re proud that we have a platform that is powered by blockchain and focused on real-world use. And, we’re proud that we have always stayed true to our own path, and not tried to join in any hype or the latest trend. Jeremy Forsberg


Vishal Parmar

A realist, self-driven and persistent entrepreneur, Vishal Parmar is the CEO of VAP Group and the founder of CryptoNewsZ. At the helm of operations at one of the fastest-growing Blockchain and crypto websites in the world, Vishal found his first technology firm at the age of 19. Born with strong business acumen, he entered the blockchain and crypto space in 2015, when Bitcoin was estimated around $400. Apart from managing his various teams, the multifaceted Vishal likes to travel the world and explore various cuisines. He is available on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. He can also be reached on [email protected] for all matters, published content or feedbacks related to CryptoNewsZ.

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