Coachella Quests unveils real-world & virtual festival fun

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival introduced Coachella Quests, an avalanche-boosted game offering virtual and real-world exposure to participants. Added to that will be the reward factor. It secures Web3 to widen the festival exposure, combining IRL and digital and enriching fan involvement.

It all starts with Coachella Canvas, a new form of creativity that enables enthusiasts to connect with the festival via inventive art, games, and all-inclusive exposure. This is achieved through creative technology. The participants will receive a Canvas Explorer Guide for building a Canvas Card, acting as an entry document.

While they finish Quests by connecting with the festival’s Discord and finishing on-site hunting, digital stamps (NFTs) will come their way. Thrown in will be points (XP) connecting them with unique prizes and many more new experiences.

Incorporating the OpenSea allows users to communicate with their rewards within Canvas Quests. The ultimate prize winner, the Coachella Key, and a unique NFT holding two free passes for the 2025 festival will arise through competing.

According to the Innovative Lead at Coachella, Sam Schoonover, while the participants connect with Coachella, they come in for earnings and ownership of tokens without disclosing identity. The association with Avalanche helps to speed up their aim of trying out fresh loyalty use cases.

As per the Director of Enterprise Business Development at Ava Labs, Paul Chodirker, the highlighting fact, in this case, is using tokens to improve live events and overlap the real world and digital space.

Further to Main Quests, players can play Side Quests, with content from associates, artists, and Coachella community programs. This allows the earning of more rewards.

Coachella will host an on-site Avalanche activation along with the online game, linking its Web3 offerings with the real world. Participants will come across many other activities like redeeming stamps, scouring art pieces, and more.

GoldenVoice initiated the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the Country Music Festival of California. It runs Los Angeles and Bay Area music spaces like the Fonda Theatre and The Roxy Theatre.

Avalanche, on the other hand, is a smart contracts platform that upgrades endlessly and periodically finalizes transactions in the blink of an eye. Its Subnet framework and HyperSDK toolkit allow Web3 builders to introduce customized blockchain services.

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