Cobo, the Leading Cryptocurrency Wallet Connects with Binance Coin

Cobo wallet will permit the Binance Coin holders, to access the decentralized applications, which also includes FOMO3D, CryptoKitties, and much more. Cobo’s association with the digital assets like EOS, TRX, ETH, and different projects implies that the wallet enables its clients to access to its selected functions which include record registration, resource summary, procurement, voting, and Dapp tools and so on.

Moreover, Binance Coin holders will presently have a safe platform that will furnish them with a multi-factor validation framework, which is an advanced user-end security framework. It additionally gives restrictive server-end security service functionality that enables progressively allotted resources to limit any risks and latest cold-hot server partition. Besides, the private keys can be stored in multi-signature cards. Generally, the crypto wallet has an industrial level security environment.

Cobo, the latest cryptocurrency wallet supporting the Binance Coin, was founded in China with its Head Quarters in Beijing. Till now, it is accessible to more than 80 nations and plans to extend its system across to new states, including Vietnam, Indonesia, and the U.S., specifically. To make its way through new markets, Cobo raised an amount of around $13 million. This provides financial security, as Cobo expects to build a superior framework.

A glimpse of the tweet by Cobo can be read from the below link –

Cobo is the first digital wallet that follows PoS (Proof-of-Stake) and master node addition to enabling clients to store their digital currencies securely, store, and invest into digital currencies, all within a single application. It additionally gives Proof-of-Stake cloud staking prizes to the holders up to 40% yearly.

Cobo was established in November 2017 by a former Facebook engineer, Changhao Jiang, and originator of F2Pool, Discus Fish, is consumer blockchain products developer that makes it simple for its users to possess and utilize digital currencies. Cobo’s leader software wallet, Cobo Wallet, was launched in February 2018 and is the main Proof-of-Stake crypto wallet that earns digital money rewards for its clients while supporting both HD wallet and Cloud Wallet with an installed dApp store.

Cobo is headquartered in Beijing, with workplaces in Shanghai. Moreover, Cobo Wallet has 500,000 clients comprehensively and supports up to 30 digital forms of money and 500 tokens on mail blockchains, which includes EOS, ETH, and Tron. Besides, the latest addition to its portfolio is the Cobo Vault, is the world’s first all-purpose secure cryptocurrency hardware wallet, with military-grade security.

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