Code4rena forges a collaboration with Chainlink Labs

Code4rena forges an exclusive collaboration with Chainlink Labs to boost their ecosystems’ growth. Added to that will be the backing of Chainlink BUILD, along with Chainlink SCALE members, with audits about smart contracts.

In 2021, Code4rena addressed the obstacles related to Web3 safety with the help of multiple auditors looking into a selected project’s code. Code4rena’s open audit module utilizes gamification to release rewards to auditors depending on the unusualness and extremity of the one-of-its-kind bugs they reveal. Having more than 7,700 listed auditors on the platform, Code4rena ropes individual auditors, teams, and companies to share their expertise and gain the best results.

The Chainlink BUILD project has been created to encourage upcoming startups within the Chainlink ecosystem. Chainlink SCALE allows blockchains and Layer 2 networks to accelerate smart contract inventiveness within their conventional ecosystems via taking hold of prices related to operations related to Chainlink oracle networks for some time.

As per the understanding, Code4rena will provide consulting solutions and learning content to assist builders with the requirements necessary for securely coming up with inventive solutions using the technology of Chainlink.

Cose4rena has a legacy of connecting with Chainlink and carrying out all-inclusive audits of Chainlink several times. This includes the CCIP protocol.

According to the Head of Growth at Code4rena, Ada Vaughan, the safety issues related to smart contracts are mandatory. By linking with Chainlink Labs, they can back Chainlink BUILD and Chainlink SPACE members in connecting with smart contract audits on the Code4rena platform.

The Global Head of BUILD at Chainlink Labs, Oliver Birch, had similar words to share.

Chainlink is the benchmark for decentralized computing platforms boosting the Web. Chainlink has been responsible for more than $9 trillion in transaction value by offering financial bodies, startups, and builders connectivity with real-time data, off-chain computation, and safe cross-chain interoperability throughout every blockchain.

Code4rena has been created to safeguard projects and the community by offering connectivity with safety-related research experts and smart contracts.

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