CodeX forges an alliance with Arthera

CodeX, which is a no-code ecosystem, has forged an alliance with Arthera. This will witness the transformation of the arena of blockchain development altogether. Arthera, on its part, is a Layer 1 protocol and blockchain platform. Through the newly formed association, there will be the amalgamation of the innovative potential of CodeX’s no-code dApp positioning and the new-age blockchain framework of Arthera. Both companies will be addressing the significant issues related to the crypto arena and creating a path for enhanced Web3 applications. 

CodeX has taken the initiative of positioning its testnet on the Arthera network. This will create a link between no-code dApp building and a powerful blockchain platform. The association will bring about a fresh method of payment that will serve developers looking to create no-code dApps on CodeX. Through the execution of the subscription fee of Arthra, developers will have the option of receiving a conceivable payment method, as well as the pay-per-transaction method. This will help developers to focus on their dApp creation. 

As per the understanding reached in this association, Arthera will remain the chain associate in the case of dApps that will be created through CodeX. It will narrow down the incorporation of the Arthera chain in the CodeX ecosystem, providing builders the ability to conveniently position their no-code dApps. With the combination of the development tools of CodeX and the framework of Arthera, blockchain accessibility will be heightened. 

As a part of the association, Arthera has forwarded a substantial amount of funding to CodeX for the backing of projects that will be executed in the Arthera chain. This will help in furthering innovation in the Layer 1 ecosystem. The funding will help strengthen CodeX’s position in the Arthera ecosystem.

This association will help in changing the very face of blockchain technology. By bringing CodeX’s no-code dApp positioning together with Arthera’s new-age Layer 1 protocol, developers will be exposed to a fresh way of connecting with blockchain. There will also be the factor of furthering the acceptance of Web3 applications.

Roxanne Williams

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