Near-Instant Coffee Payments In Fraction Of A Cent; COF And Waves Keeper Join Forces

Yesterday, James Allen from CoffeeCoin announced on Twitter that CoffeeCoin (COF) web wallet and Waves Keeper have integrated. This integration, according to the Twitter post, will bring to its customers almost instant coffee payments that can be done on the worldwide level. Not only this, all this will be accomplished with less than a cent! The news was announced after the testing of CoffeeCoin web wallet and web_sica was successfully accomplished.

COF is the first ever crypto token that is used for purchasing, selling, or tracking coffee. It makes use of the Distributed Ledger Technology on the Waves Platform. COF was first seen two years ago in 2017.

Waves platform, on the other hand, is an open source ‘blockchain technology’ based platform. It offers WEB 3 solutions. Its main focus is on providing a transparent web ecosystem which roots for user’s privacy. It is completely decentralized unlike WEB 2.0. Further, Waves Keeper is basically an extension in a browser. The main purpose of it is to help the users administer important information such as private keys, and also it offers a safe communication between the users.

What can you do with COF?

COF is versatile enough to do a lot with. The COF crypto token enables the users to freely trade coffee. What makes it a unique and powerful tool is its international reach combined with the Distributed Ledger Technology. Coffee lovers, producers, retailers, consumers, rosters; all can come under one roof to meet their needs. The presence of Distributed Ledger Technology makes it class apart from the traditional ways of coffee trading.

COF is not limited to the above functions only. This crypto is also a ‘utility token’. As per the official  CoffeeCoin website, it can be used as,

[…] to transmit & preserve coffee trade & tracking data in an immutable form on public & (soon) private blockchain ledgers. This improves traceability & transparency in the coffee supply chain. See where your coffee comes from & who benefits along the way.” Further, when it comes to enhancing the coffee experience, the website says, “By using the CoffeeCoin token & tools to trade & track coffee, you are supporting our efforts to improve the entire coffee supply chain. Join the growing network of supporters who are buying & selling great beans with COF. Our apps & tools are free for all to use.

More on Waves:

This 17th, the platform is about to launch a decentralized application programming course. The aim is to offer knowledge about the technologies, which apparently, are becoming highly crucial skills for the next-gen.

Developers, IT professionals, webmasters, web-developers, “Indie/Games and iOS/Android developers” are invited to join the course. According to the official blog of Waves, the participants can acquire hands-on knowledge about- “3.0 technologies, such as blockchain, DApps, digital economy, tokenisation and decentralisation.”

This course is being launched by “Aleksei Pupyshev and his Venture team and Waves’ DevRel department. The date for the registration of the course started on 8th May and will end on 30th of May 2019. The first class will take place on the 17th of this month, whereas the final class will be held on the 21st of June.

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