Coin Announces Arrival of World’s First AI-powered Crypto Assistant App

In an important development, Coin has introduced the feature of artificial intelligence (AI) for managing digital assets. This facility is going to be available for all the mainstream consumers of various cryptocurrency exchanges and expected to revolutionalize the digital assets management scenario globally.

The company has named this AI-powered feature AIDAN (Artificially Intelligent Digital Assets Ninja) and promoting it as a valuable tool to save cost and money for cryptocurrency users. With this, one does not require the wallet address for sending or receiving the cryptocurrency (just like Venmo for Crypto), which is indeed an excellent feature to deal with the digital coins. All you require is just the name/username, and then you can send or receive the digital money. Using the special link, users will be able to send or receive digital assets using the internet.

For uninitiated, AIDAN has a step by step guide that can be utilized to purchase, send, and exchange cryptocurrencies. It is extremely important because the whole transaction process for the new users seems to be complicated, but now with this assistance, one can complete all digital assets transactions in no time. AIDAN also provides a lot of complementary services, which includes telling the price of the Bitcoin on Binance cryptocurrency exchange. In sum, this service has made the management of digital assets as simple as sending or receiving text/voice messages on your cell phone.

Also, you can sell purchase the digital coins using the Credit/Debit cards on this app. Apple Pay feature can also be utilized for the payment, and in the future, the app promises to provide direct bank account support for transactions. The future development plans also include the integration of the app with Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Google Home, among others. Summarily, the focus is to integrate the management of digital assets seamlessly so that the gap between masses’ perception about the complexity and difficulty related to digital coins can be bridged easily.

Coin’s CEO, Damon Nam, said that their emphasis is to deliver the most innovative and customized solutions to users. For this, the company is fully geared to utilize the cutting edge technology that will enhance customer convenience and overall performance efficiency in digital assets management.

Roxanne Williams

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