Coinbase and Stripe partner to accelerate global crypto adoption

Coinbase has announced a partnership with Stripe. The idea is to fuel the global adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Both companies will bring their strengths to the table to cement the collaboration. For instance, Stripe has committed to add USDC on Base to their crypto payouts and fiat-to-crypto onramp. Both functionalities also form a part of three key integrations. The third one comes from Coinbase, which is interested in adding Stripe’s fiat-to-crypto onramp. It will be integrated with Coinbase Wallet.

The benefits of their partnership will touch the surface not just for individuals but also millions of businesses. At the core is the principle of supporting faster transactions and allowing customers to convert their digital assets faster compared to the previous models.

Adding Strips’ onramp function to Coinbase’s native wallet helps the Company better serve its community. Members can instantly buy digital assets using traditional methods like credit cards and Apple Pay. The benefits go beyond regional boundaries. Coinbase will be able to serve its customers across the world, helping them secure cryptocurrencies at a lower cost and speed.

Customers have always appreciated Coinbase’s user-friendly experience. The crypto venture now needs to build on that and cement its position in the market.

Coinbase, in the announcement, has said that cryptocurrencies are the world’s future. In addition, key integrations under the partnership with Stripe will lay a strong foundation for them to build a better future for payments.

Founded in 2012, Coinbase has come a long way by adding over 5,000 cryptocurrencies on the platform and over 150 trading pairs for its customers. Its operations are supported in 150+ countries. Residents of almost all the countries will be able to access the collaborative wave of Coinbase and Stripe. One can check more details about the crypto platform at our Coinbase exchange review. It also sheds light on Coinbase’s withdrawal fees and transaction fees.

Coinbase has also published this announcement on X. Followers on the social media platform have appreciated the move, calling it an elite-level partnership. Most of them have appreciated Coinbase’s constant evolution.

The move comes when Coinbase has highlighted one of the key aspects of the recently concluded Presidential Debate. Coinbase has cited that the debate did not mention cryptos, further stating that almost 52 million Americans own a piece of digital assets. This makes it important for crypto to be at the center of a political debate. This also stems from the fact that many crypto holders form a crucial part of the voter base in the US and its upcoming election in November 2024.


Moving forward, it remains to be seen how Coinbase and Stripe work together and what the community feels about the results.

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