Coinbase Commerce Introduces DAI Stablecoin on the Network

Crypto payments network Coinbase Commerce announced on Thursday that it had launched the DAI Stablecoin on the platform. Merchants will now be able to accept DAI payments via the platform’s own API and the 12 e-commerce partners.


According to an official blog post on Medium, merchants can accept DAI payments by linking their online stores to a Coinbase Commerce checkout or by using the point-of-sale interface. The company introduced DAI as a tradable token on the network in May 2019, and with the recent development, it is clear that the company has a clear focus on bringing stablecoins on board.


Further, it said,

“Stablecoins like DAI and USDC provide a less volatile means of storing cryptocurrency, tied to the value of fiat currency rather than the speculations of the crypto markets. Enabling these options on Coinbase Commerce means merchants and customers can take advantage of buying and selling goods worldwide with the added benefit of holding stable currency value on a decentralized network.”


Coinbase Commerce is the payments-focused branch of the global leading crypto exchange Coinbase. The network aims to make crypto payments easy and accessible to the masses, and therefore the network claims to take heavy inspirations from customer feedback. Crypto payments as a segment are expected to be the future of the industry, especially when the myth that “crypto can get you easy and quick money” is fading away fairly quickly.

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