Coinbase Exchange Permits Stable Pair Trading

Coinbase is the platform for trading in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. It is the solemn objective of Coinbase to enhance the economic liberation of the world. The forum seeks to launch an open financial system to offer every user increased access to monetary services, enabling greater economic liberation for business organizations and individuals. The development of a liquid cryptocurrency asset exchange platform is being implemented by Coinbase to further the mission. In a recent announcement, Coinbase declared an update in the pricing and evaluation of 9 stable pairs and stated the launch of new stable pairs of competitive pricing.

The users of Coinbase shall now be able to gain access to the competitively priced Stable pairs. Coinbase offers a massive liquidity pool for commercial, institutional, and retail products. Coinbase is known for its high-volume-support trading that is offered to users at a dynamic fee structure. Effective from 1st June, the stable pairs to be made available at Coinbase include DAI/USDC, USDC/EUR, USDT/EUR, USDT/USDC, WBTC/BTC, DAI/USD, USDC/GBP, USDT/USD, and more. Coinbase offers stable pairs in the form of 1 bps for taker volumes and 0 bps for maker volumes with maker fee at 0.00% and taker fee at 0.01%.

Stable Pairs play a significant role in the cryptocurrency ecosystem by enabling users to make the best of the instant settlements and multiple options for funding. It is the price quotation of any cryptocurrency pair as compared to an external reference like the USD. Within the past six months, the trading volume increased by tenfold in the market of stable pairs. By leveraging the USDC user status of Coinbase along with the fiat rails, the launch of the stable pairs shall draw in more users from across the world.

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