Coinbase introduces Coinbase International Exchange

Coinbase announces the next chapter of its global expansion strategy by launching Coinbase International Exchange. The platform is live across all jurisdictions except the US, bringing the most trusted and safe experience in crypto trading. Furthermore, at Coinbase, the main objective is to build more trusted products along with the support of crypto and blockchain technologies. It is believed that both of these can enable economic freedom and opportunity across the globe.

Coinbase International Exchange has listed a total of two perpetual contracts in the initial days of its operations. These are BTC and ETH. Trades executed with these perpetual futures contracts will be settled in USDC with a maximum of 5x leverage.

Access to the international exchange platform is currently restricted to institutional investors. The same will be extended to individual investors in the months to come. A definite timeline is unavailable; however, Coinbase is expected to shed some light on it at the earliest.

Launching Coinbase International Exchange aligns with the global expansion strategy, that is, Go Deep, Go Broad. Institutional traders from all the eligible jurisdictions outside the US have access to the platform. Coinbase chose to launch perpetual futures because they accounted for approximately 75% of the global crypto trading volume in the previous year. Bringing Coinbase International Exchange out to the public is expected to help them support the updated financial system.

Calling this the right moment to expand operations across the globe, Coinbase has highlighted that what makes it a convenient move is several markets moving with time and implementing regulatory frameworks. The objective is to become a crypto hub, with Coinbase leaving no stone unturned to make it happen. There is a set of benefits that Coinbase International Exchange brings with it, standing true to every Coinbase exchange review.

The platform focuses on a robust risk management mechanism that commits to working 24/7 throughout the year in real time. This is followed by external market makers entering the picture to provide liquidity with no proprietary trading. The other two major benefits are dynamic margin requirements along with assessments for collateral and capital sufficient to support the tail market events.

Coinbase has also announced the commitment to work with high-bar global regulators with the aim of building a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency. If and when implemented, the regulatory framework is expected to drive innovation in the crypto industry while increasing the economic freedom for people in all valid jurisdictions.

The work profile of Coinbase includes working with BMA, short for Bermuda Monetary Authority, to help them ensure that the financial sector of the region is in line with practices and standards that are being followed at the international level.


Operations of Coinbase International Exchange are unlikely to go live in the US. The focus, for now, is to make things happen for regions that have moved forward with crypto regulations. The US is yet to take a similar step, and hence, the international exchange platform is yet to go live for customers in the American area.

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