Coinbase: Introduces new “bundle” of virtual currencies

Coinbase, which has come to be known as one of the largest digital currency exchange in the market, has come up with something new to offer to the various investors in the sector. This new venture has been undertaken by Coinbase because it intends to serve a whole new spectrum of investors. The investors being targeted by Coinbase are those who have very little knowledge about the sector. The lack of sufficient knowledge has been a major hindrance for the various potential investors, there was a need in the market for something like this. And Coinbase has risen to the need of the hour through the means of the new bundle launched by it.

This bundle launched by Coinbase allows the users to buy several virtual currencies at the minimal rate. These various virtual currencies are selected in advance. The investors can get this bundle at the minimal rate of $25. Needless to mention, the various virtual currencies within this bundle are the ones that are supported by the Coinbase exchange. Not much knowledge about the field is expected from the investors when it comes to this bundle. It consists of various prominent currencies like Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin, that is BTC, Ethereum, that is, ETH, Ethereum classic and Litecoin. There are more additions made to see to it that there is an increased investor comfort in the operations with this exchange. There are two other pages that have been added which will accomplish the function of giving more information to the readers about the positions held by the various virtual currencies based on capitalization in the market. Even though Coinbase states that this decision is made by it after giving the due consideration to those investors who are the novice in the sector, there are various opinions being stated by the different critics regarding this move by Coinbase. It is yet to be determined as to what is the manner in which this decision will affect Coinbase in the long run.

Roxanne Williams

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