Optimism Skyrockets amid Coinbase partnership – Avorak AI best ICO in 2023?

The crypto space is abuzz with news that Coinbase has partnered with Optimism (OP), using it for its Layer-2. This partnership has pushed the blockchain Optimism crypto upwards by more than 15%. On the other hand, Avorak AI recently launched its ICO and is seeing more investors flocking in. Is this the beginning of a new bull market?

What is Optimism (OP)?

Optimism (OP) is a decentralized blockchain that enables scalability and privacy-preserving smart contracts on Ethereum. It is based on the Optimistic Rollup technology, which allows developers to create applications with high scalability, low cost, and real-time interactivity.

Moreover, the Optimism protocol enables efficient and secure smart contract execution by allowing for rapid transaction throughput, low transaction fees, and high scalability. Additionally, the blockchain also provides privacy-preserving features, such as cryptographic commitments and zero-knowledge proofs, for secure off-chain transactions.

Furthermore, the Optimism protocol has gained traction in crypto circles due to some unique features and the development team driving adoption successfully forward.

Coinbase partners with Optimism

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, recently announced its partnership with Optimism. The centralized exchange (CEX) was announced using the Optimism blockchain and its native coin OP for Coinbase’s Layer-2.

The news caused an uproar in the community and resulted in a more than 15% increase in OP’s price, trading just below 3$ at the time of reporting.

Tremendous opportunity: Avorak AI ICO

Avorak is a blockchain-based AI platform that enables developers to build, train, and deploy AI models. Ultimately, holders of AVRK can exclusively use tools comprising chatbots, trading bots, and more without any costly subscription fees to the likes of Midjourney or ChatGPT.

This makes Avorak AI one of the most promising ICOs of 2023 and is a stellar investment opportunity, rewarding early backers with lucrative bonuses and beta access to all AI-powered tools.

In essence, AVRK is expected to be an AI game-changer. It will open up new opportunities for traders, marketers, and enthusiasts to access powerful AI tools by holding AVRK tokens.


The Coinbase partnership with Optimism has pushed the OP upwards. It gives a new perspective on the possibilities of the chain in the future. On the other hand, Avorak AI is expected to be one of the most promising ICOs of 2023, providing early investors with steep bonuses and exclusive access to AI-powered tools.

Learn more here:-

Website: https://avorak.ai
Whitepaper: https://avorak-labs-and-technology.gitbook.io/avorak-a.i-technical-whitepaper/

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