Coinbase on the list of LinkedIn’s Top 50 Most Sought after Companies in the US in 2019

Flying high in the list of LinkedIn’s top 50 companies in the US, Coinbase noted its name being the only cryptocurrency company in the entire list. Coinbase shared the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, Alphabet, Deloitte, Uber, Apple, and Airbnb among others.

This list basically consists of all the companies that a hit among the job seekers in America and are able to hold on to the talents. Every year this list is rolled out to let the top 50 companies celebrate, and this year, Coinbase is up for a celebration.

Although topping the list or getting your company name on the top 50s is not easy. The top 50 is determined after analyzing four very important factors in a company which is job demand in the company, employee retention, interest in the company, and engagement with the company’s employees.

LinkedIn is the most professional site for companies to roll out job opportunities and people to search for one, has unique criteria and measurements. The job demand of a company is measured on the basis of a number of people viewing the company profile applying for the jobs. The interest in the company is measured on the basis of the ‘non-employee new followers’ on the LinkedIn page of the company. The third criteria of employee engagement are measured by how non-employees ‘view’ unique employees. And finally, the fourth criteria for job retention is measured on the basis of a number of employees who stayed at least one year from the date of their hiring.

In this year’s list of top 50 Most Sought after Companies in the US Coinbase surprisingly ranked above Twitter & JP Morgan Chase. It came out as a surprise for the crypto enthusiasts that Coinbase was the only crypto space company to reach the top 50 and rank at the 35th position of the list. Coinbase celebrates its victory by beating companies like Twitter at 36th position, Intel Corporation, GE, JP Morgan Chase, and Nike, among others.

In a section of “what may surprise you,” it was revealed that the company allows its employees to be paid completely or partially in Bitcoin. The report also reveals that 40 % of the staff prefers to get a portion of their paycheck in cryptocurrency only.

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