Coinbase Pay integrates into Ledger Live app

Ledger announced that Coinbase Pay has successfully integrated with its Ledger Live app, enabling users to receive their tokens from Coinbase on their Ledger device. The association aims to make the purchase of cryptocurrency more accessible, seamless, and secure. They will now collectively boost the pathway from an exchange platform to self-custody.

Coinbase Pay integrating with Ledger Live enables customers to transfer their crypto holdings via desktop or mobile devices. The feature is live only in select regions: the UK, the US, the EU, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. There is no word about future expansions, but it is safe to assume that the functionality will be launched in more regions in the future.

The partnership does not affect the payment preferences on Coinbase. It continues to embrace Visa, ACH, Maestro, and MasterCard.

By joining hands, Coinbase and Ledger Live are believed to have navigated their way around the challenge of potential threats and the cumbersome process of token transfer. Deposits and withdrawals can now be done with a few clicks. 

Coinbase Pay can be found as an option in the buying section of Ledger Live. It also does not affect the cost that users were paying earlier. If anything, the association is teased to boost only the seamless nature of crypto transfer and management. Key benefits of the collaboration entail aspects of convenience, security, speed, and cost savings.

For starters, Ledger Live and Coinbase Pay have eliminated the need for off-platform transactions. Thereby, the process of buying crypto is seamless and convenient via Coinbase Pay on Ledger Live. Second, the crypto purchase with Coinbase Pay does not attract any additional fees. It will be facilitated at the same price.

Users no longer have to go through an additional KYC process if they are already a user of Coinbase. Hence, it saves time and makes the process fast. Finally, their association offers secure withdrawals and deposits with enhanced security measures.

Cryptocurrencies can be bought using Coinbase Pay through Ledger Live by opening the mobile application of Ledger Live. Then, tap the Buy button to see a comparison of providers. Select the crypto, enter the amount, mention the country, and select the eligible payment provider (in this case, Coinbase).

Ian Rogers, the Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, has hailed the collaboration, saying that they share values and customers and focus on making the process as simple as possible. Ian has further expressed their pride in helping Coinbase and Ledger customers with such an experience.

Lauren Dowling, the Head of Product at Coinbase Developer Payment Services, has said that the association builds on their focus to provide trusted, reliable, scaled onramps and infrastructure for on-chain builders.

The development has come at a time when the world is looking forward to the way in which the crypto market behaves. A new era has begun where the Spot Bitcoin ETF is a valid investment product. An ease in the selling pressure continues to pull the prices up, attracting more traders as the trajectory walks.

Trevor Holman

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