Coinbase, Square & Fidelity Launch Bitcoin Trade Group

The top-tier financial firms of the world, including Coinbase, Fidelity Investments, and Square Inc., are joining hands to launch an all-new trade association. The trade group shall forge an innovative way of regulating Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies across the world. It has been announced that the Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI) shall sponsor research projects and gather policymakers to forward the cause and champion the economic benefits of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain-based technologies. The members of the trade group are Coinbase global Inc and Paradigm, the renowned cryptocurrency investor. Coinbase is the biggest and most efficient cryptocurrency exchange forum in the world based in the United States. It enables trading and investment in Bitcoin and Ethereum across a hundred countries. Paradigm allows investment in crypto assets. Fidelity offers an enterprise-grade platform for crypto trading, and Square Inc provides business tools to enable everyone to be part of the digital economy.

The CCI is known for providing support to governments worldwide to infuse the international economies with cryptocurrency assets. The organization is looking forward to developing resources for enabling crypto industry participants, intergovernmental organizations, policymakers, and the general public to be a part of the digital currency economy. The world slowly realizes the immense value and potential of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With the world economies dwindling in the after-effect of the pandemic, only Bitcoin can resolve the acute financial crisis. The CCI is striving hard to educate the policymakers to drive consensus on the policy priorities of the cryptocurrency industry.

The future of the Bitcoin market is yet to attain steady stability. However, Bitcoin’s advocates leave no stone unturned in encouraging everyone to adopt cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology to generate jobs and offer financial services to consumers around the world. Today, the market value of Bitcoin has reached the $1 trillion mark making it the most profitable cryptocurrency in the world.

Trevor Holman

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