Coinbase to build a new suite of wallet solutions for developers

Coinbase recently announced the development of a new suite of wallet solutions. The suite will help developers onboard new users seamlessly.

Getting new users acquainted with on-chain applications is a complicated process. That is why Coinbase will simplify steps like transaction signing, gas fees, and seed phrases for customers. 

The platform is developing two new wallet solutions to enable the same. Given Coinbase’s involvement, the projects are expected to emerge as the best crypto wallets in the market.

Both wallet solutions serve different purposes, and developers can easily switch between them. The first smart wallet solution is usable across numerous apps. The second solution, which utilizes Wallet as a Service, is embeddable or integrated into specific applications.

Coinbase has designed both wallets to ensure customers encounter reduced friction and a simplified on-chain onboarding. Here is a quick overview of these two solutions:

Smart Wallet: It is an addition to the renowned Coinbase Wallet SDK, enabling instant wallet creation in a dApp via a passkey. It does not require any extensions, seed phrases, or app downloads. 

The global unified wallet lets customers take their balance across numerous EVM-compatible apps integrated into the Coinbase Wallet SDK. It is already available on the Base Sepolia testnet, where developers can use the user-ready, free solution.

Embedded Wallets: Wallet as a Service powers embedded wallets, making it easier for developers to create white-labeled embedded wallets. These wallets remove the complexities of cryptocurrencies to facilitate social and email login flows. 

Moreover, these wallets lead to customized user experiences that remain contained in an app. The early access program for these wallets is also open to developers.

The wallet solutions will focus on keeping the experience simple and secure. At the same time, they will be easy to fund using Coinbase account balances. Above all, Coinbase will allow users to manage balances across different platforms, letting them take the balance to any dApp. 

Scott Cook

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