Coinbase to Make Crypto Work for Small Businesses

Coinbase, one of the leading crypto exchange platforms has initiated the #WeAcceptCrypto stand for small businesses and making the transaction handy. Small companies, which are infused by distinct personalities and opinions of both owners and consumers, play an important role in establishing the character of communities all over the world.

They’re also constructed from the ground up by people who have a vision and a dream. That is something Coinbase will always support. One such instance is switching over to crypto from traditional banking, which may give actual benefits and earnings, as demonstrated by Coinbase Commerce. When a business accepts USDC through the Coinbase-managed version of Commerce, it will only pay a fee of 1% transaction fee, compared to the 2.5 percent to 3.5 percent paid by the typical credit card company.

The company owner will be able to convert the USDC into US Dollars for free and withdraw it to the account at no extra cost. The owner can also store the same at the Coinbase account and collect incentives. This may feel like a small saving, by when there are thousands of multiple transactions every week, there will be a lot of money. Owners can reinvest the money that would help in the business’ growth. This is what the “We Accept Crypto” is all about.

How Does It Work?

If you are working at a small business accepting crypto transactions:

  • You may use #WeAcceptCrypto to tag a photo of your company on Instagram Stories, feed posts, or Twitter.
  • Your company may be featured on one of Coinbase’s social media sites.
  • The first 1,000 firms using hashtags will get a link through DM from Coinbase. Coinbase will give you a complimentary window sticker for your company if you use the link to provide your shipping information.

If you are shopping at a small business accepting crypto transactions:

  • You can use the hashtags #shopcrypto to share a photo of yourself supporting a crypto-accepting small company on Instagram, Instagram Stories, or Twitter.
  • Your post may be re-shared on any of Coinbase’s social media sites.
  • The First 1,000 customers using the hashtags will get a link through DM from Coinbase. Coinbase will send you a free tote bag if you fill out the form and submit your mailing information.

Trevor Holman

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