CoinBurp Announces Partnership With the Sandbox

The blockchain industry is witnessing multiple meaningful collaborations, and CoinBurp also joined the list. The intuitive crypto wallet recently joined hands with The Sandbox, the most popular blockchain-based game. The news came soon after CoinBurp announced AU21 as its strategic investor.

After the announcement, many investors and traders quickly searched for a CoinBurp review, explaining its functionalities. The NFT wallet is already making giant strides in the market, and joining hands with The Sandbox will help its cause.

NFTs have quickly become a global phenomenon, and projects like The Sandbox have played a major role in its rise. The Sandbox can be summarized as Minecraft built on a blockchain network. It is a 3-D open-world game developed on NFTs alone. It allows users to develop, share, and monetize their in-game experiences and items. The Sandbox is developed to be accessible and intuitive from the start, meaning it allows users to animate and design 3-D objects within the ecosystem.

Players can purchase the land to build gaming experiences or buildings. The best part about the game is its monetization capability, allowing players to sell their creations on the game’s marketplace. Users can even charge or incentivize players to enter their created metaverse.

The game presents itself as a disruptive NFT-based video game set in the virtual world. It serves the purpose impeccably and even allows players to import worlds from Minecraft. Minecraft is a beloved game for many players, so migrating their builds to The Sandbox gives users more reasons to try it out.

The Sandbox-CoinBurp Collaboration

After CoinBurp and The Sandbox start working together, users will receive unique NFTs from The Sandbox. CoinBurp is also buying land in the game, planning to meet and interact with users within the metaverse.

The Sandbox is known to establish meaningful collaborations with renowned projects. The game has already worked with The Smurfs, Care Bears, The Walking Dead, and Atari.

CoinBurp expressed its delight to join The Sandbox’s esteemed partner lineup. The wallet intends to support innovative projects and bring them to the mainstream arena. CoinBurp is currently prioritizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to help businesses build esteemed projects. Moreover, CoinBurp is helping them build communities where every user can co-create, thrive, co-play, and earn using innovation and creativity.

Joining AU21 as Strategic Investor 

CoinBurp’s collaboration with The Sandbox was announced shortly after AU21 joined the wallet as a strategic investor. CoinBurp will use AU21’s state-of-the-art tools to formulate the best ways to store and transact NFTs. The crypto wallet will be using the tools to enhance its app as well.

Establishing such partnerships is part of CoinBurp’s plan to reach a global stature. The platform aims to deliver quality products to the blockchain community, and these collaborations will help the case. CoinBurp is also planning to launch its native token, which will expand its real-world use-cases.

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