Coinchase All Set to Unveil New Trading Function

Taking pride to be world’s leading community-focused cryptocurrency crowdfunding and exchange platform, Coinchase is gearing up to officially launch the Exchange feature, forging Coinchase “new community exchange.” The move will allow the sharing of development bonus of the blockchain with the network users.

With an aim to fulfill its ultimate goal of providing efficient services to the users, Coinchase Community-focused Exchange will serve as a mediating ground between Coinchase and the community users. This integration will work together to construct an unprecedented community-oriented crypto exchange and crowdfunding network by fostering selection of quality projects clubbed with the idea of overall growth in a creative ecosystem.

Coinchase is curious to support and build high-quality projects for the betterment of the financial space. The firm raises $1 million for a single blockchain-based project while the value of mainstream currency transactions is tens of millions of dollars. It shines as an organization with more than 600,000 registered users along with 100,000 community users spread across the globe. These users can take part in early project building for better results. The core team of the project consists of eminent personalities from the blockchain industry who have notable experience and expertise.

As per the announcement, the investment income of the Coinchase exchange will be returned to the community users. A sharp emphasis is laid on the link between community users and exchanges concerning the governance niche.

This is done to give the platform token holders the rights of community governance so that they can portray the role of community autonomy. The community users will also get benefit from the value-added of participation in ecological construction along with the returns received for holding up the currency due to the development of the ecology.

Ahead in the future, the exchange has plans to explore more lucrative digital coins which will have the capability to create a greater value ecosystem for the users.

The Coinchase exchange will strive to operate with the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, give a boost to the liquidity of the digital currency market as a whole, and also enhance the security of transactions. These features of the platform will help the community users to understand blockchain technology in depth.

Founded in 2018, Coinchase provides fundraising and exchange services to users in Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, Turkey, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan, North America, Europe, and others part of the world. The platform supports ten languages which makes it shine as a notable user-friendly network.

The firm has always worked with a motive to facilitate sharing of information, sharing of benefits, sharing of rights, etc. with its community users.

Scott Cook

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