CoinDCX Co-Founder addresses CoinDCX App scam news

Sumit Gupta recently released an official tweet to clarify the recent news regarding fraud on the CoinDCX app.

The co-founder and CEO of CoinDCX started the tweet by acknowledging the reports related to unethical acts related to the exchange. However, Sumit quickly clarified that no such incident took place on the official CoinDCX website or app.

Most of these issues appear to be caused by fake websites that are prevalent in the crypto market. The CoinDCX co-founder informed users that several fake URLs and websites revolving around CoinDCX are operating.

In order to deceive users and obtain their funds illicitly, these platforms employ mimicry. CERT has already been provided with these reports by the CoinDCX team. The tweet reaffirmed CoinDCX’s commitment to user security as its highest priority.

The exchange proactively elevates its efforts to spread awareness regarding these critical issues. CoinDCX has been educating users on different channels to mitigate the issue. A quick look at an in-depth CoinDCX review can help users understand how the platform operates. It will help them navigate through the official exchange easily.

It is up to customers to practice vigilance and exercise caution while encountering fishy activities. Reporting them to the CoinDCX team is pivotal to putting a stop to such advancements. 

The tweet by Sumit also embedded several articles related to common threats while surfing across online exchanges. The CoinDCX team always takes note of reports surrounding fraudulent activities.

In fact, 80 fake URLs and websites replicating the exchange have already been removed. Regarding the most recent issue, the platform is conducting an investigation and gathering additional information from authorities and users.


The co-founder has requested that users keep their faith in the platform’s unwavering security and maintain vigilance.

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