Coinitix – A Simple Way to Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoin, the oldest trading cryptocurrency, can now be bought with your credit card directly in a few simple steps – on the Coinitix smart and secure currency exchange. For a better understanding of Coinitix functions, it is necessary to know how Bitcoins have been purchased traditionally. 

The first is from the Wallet, which offers on-screen instructions to buy the crypto and drop it into the digital wallet after verifying the identity. Bitcoin Cash can be bought from any peer-to-peer crypto trading platform. But the easiest is to buy Bitcoins from a crypto website or a crypto exchange platform, like Coinitix, which also offers credit card facilities.

How to buy coins on Coinitix?

Buying coins on the Coinitix website is as easy as it can get. First, you have to create an account with all the necessary information and password to log in. You will also be informed that the website uses trusted third parties to provide the services to go through the buying process, and hence, the information is to be shared with them. Thus, everything about Coinitix is transparent and above board. After the verification is completed, you can buy Bitcoins with your credit card.

The first time around, the process can take some time but once your particulars are saved on the site, buying Bitcoins on Coinitix with your credit card is extremely fast. Very few websites worldwide offer this facility as it is a combination of virtual currency purchases with traditional fiat currency (credit card).   

Benefits of Buying Bitcoin on Coinitix

There are several benefits of buying Bitcoin on Coinitix.

  • Fast Payouts – The payout time for Bitcoin is fast, and buyers have the virtual coins in their wallets without waste of any time.
  • Best Commissions – The commission paid for Bitcoin purchases is highly competitive on Coinitix. Usually, every exchange adds a transaction fee when Bitcoins are sold or purchased. It is calculated in one of the ways – as a flat fee per trade, a percentage of the 30-day trading volume of an account, and generally on the volumes being bought or sold. This can add up to substantial sums in some exchanges. The fees for purchasing Bitcoins on Coinitix are among the lowest in the world.    
  • Quick verification process – The verification process for first-time buyers of crypto on any exchange is often time-taking and tedious. Not so with Coinitix as the full verification is completed fast even when customers are logging in for the first time. 
  • Round the clock support – Unlike traditional stock and fiat currency trading exchanges that are open during fixed times, crypto exchanges are open round the clock. Existing and potential customers of Coinitix get the benefit of client support round the clock.   
  • Fully regulated – Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is not under the regulatory control of central governments, and hence crypto exchanges are open to fraudulent activities. But not Coinitix as it is a registered and licensed exchange under the laws of the Estonia Registry Code. The website is powered and operated by Xshop OU, which holds a virtual currency trading license. All transactions placed by customers are governed by the laws of Estonia.

When you buy Bitcoins with a credit card or carry out crypto transactions on the Coinitix exchange, you are assured the safety and security of your money.

Trushti Patel

Trushti Patel is a news writer and a regular contributor to CryptoNewsZ. She always stays up-to-date with the latest happenings regarding the world of crypto. She is also sound in technical analysis.

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