CoinLogiq Rolls out LogiqPay, as a Novel Way to Send Remittances

The popular Latin American cryptocurrency ATM service, CoinLogiq, recently launched LogiqPay, an innovative and quick way to send remittances to your friends and family across the globe. The company released a video of how LogiqPay enables individuals to send money from a laptop and how others can remove that amount from any CoinLogiq ATM.

The video begins with an individual going to LogiqPay webpage from his laptop and clicking on Send at the DASH section. He then fills in an amount USD 10, clicks on Proceed, scans on the provided QR code, and that’s it! The money is sent from his account. He then clicks on the verify button and shares the QR code the screen displays with his friend.

In the second part of the video, the friend visits a CoinLogiq ATM, clicks on LogiqPay in the ATM screen. He then proceeds to scan the QR code, and the machine says –

You may receive USD 10. The friend clicks on Proceed, and the machine gives him the amount in an instant.

CoinLogiq is currently expanding its number of ATMs Colombia. With the expansion of ATMs around the world, LogiqPay is sure going to be the best way to send money to anyone in the world. The company also offers a POS device that ensures merchants are able to accept the Dash and cryptocurrency that consumers wish to spend.

Scott Cook

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