CoinMarketCap Announces New Listings On The Website

CoinMarketCap is a platform that supplies up to the minute updates for all of the market data found on the site. A variety of exchanges are inquired every minute to find their most recent market data. All of this data is then scampered through several data cleaning and verification algorithms to make sure of its reliability.

The website features almost all the major coins and tokens in the market to provide service to as big of a mass as possible. Recently the platform announced on their social media of Twitter about adding new cryptocurrencies on

According to the tweet, AXE (AXE), W Green Pay (WGP), Merebel (MERI), Tarush (TAS), Stellar Gold (XLMG) have been among the new listings. Also, a link has been provided in the tweet, to make it easier for people to visit the website directly to check it out.

A few days ago, this well known digital currency data provider and crypto-price tracker celebrated its 6th anniversary. In honor of this, CoinMarketCap decided to bring about some changes and announced certain initiatives.

These initiatives included new Data Accountability and Transparency Alliance (DATA), CoinMarketCap API Revised Plans, CoinMarketCap Shop, CoinMarketCap Block Explorers, and CoinMarketCap Mobile Apps; along with this, a decision to change the listing policy has also been made in order to make it stricter.

Roxanne Williams

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