Coinme Streamlines Transactions Through Bitcoin ATMs and Kiosks

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since their inception in the industrial domain in 2008 during the time of recession. When Bitcoin was launched in the market, there were high speculations that the currency would not be able to survive for long in the industry and the era of cryptocurrencies would end in a short span of time. Interestingly, with the passage of time, situations began to favor the crypto community as more and more people started showing trust in its advanced technology. Presently, Bitcoin stands tall as one of the strongest cryptocurrencies available in the market-leading the way for other digital coins and tokens.

A major development was witnessed in the crypto arena when globally operating business houses, renowned industrialists, and big investors began putting their funds and expertise in strengthening the crypto community through projects and product offerings. With an intention to make cryptocurrencies more approachable and popular, Bitcoin ATMs were introduced in the market. These digital machines operate as a kiosk that allows investors to purchase Bitcoin via hard cash or through debit cards. A certain Bitcoin ATMs also allow the traders to sell off their Bitcoin holdings in return of cash.

These ATM kiosks work in a similar fashion like the traditional ATMs but not completely as they are connected to crypto exchanges and not bank accounts. This allows users to purchase and sell Bitcoin offerings at their convenience.

At present, the crypto industry has an array of companies that are providing Bitcoin ATM machines to customers. One such prominent name in this regard is Coinme that was the first Bitcoin ATM firm to obtain a license in the USA. Launched in 2014, the platform shines as one of the most trusted ATM providers in the world allowing transactions worth millions of dollars on a daily basis. Coinme provides an integrated network of Bitcoin ATMs, digital wallet and private client services for entities as well as individuals across the world. The ATM network of Coinme is spread to seven states in America including California, Kansas, Texas, Washington, etc.

Coinme ensures to offer the highest security standards to its customers. All the ATMs have a customer service number where any person can call to initiate their first Bitcoin purchase. In January, Coinme collaborated with Coinstar, an exchange platform that converts digital coins into cash. The move was to make cryptocurrencies a payment solution for the day to day operations of people worldwide.

Recently in December 2019, Coinme became the biggest network in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area by adding support to over 90 Bitcoin purchase points at Coinstar kiosks in Albertsons and Tom Thumb supermarkets. The crucial step helped Coinme to strengthen its network operations in the United States further.


Bitcoin ATMs have played a major role in achieving the goal of mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. These digital machines help the customers to liquidate their crypto holdings against cash to carry on with their everyday transactions in a convenient manner. Coinme and its secured ATM services have bridged the gap between the investors and their assets. The firm aims to further proliferate into the market and establish ATMs in many other areas around the world in the near future.

Scott Cook

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