Cointelligence Applauds Crypto Mobile Startup Electroneum Platform

Stunning the crypto enthusiasts with its world-class unprecedented mobile crypto services, Electroneum has now added another golden feather to its credit as it becomes one of the only firms bestowed upon with a positive affirmation of Cointelligence. The honorable CEO of Cointelligence, On Yavin, and his team of vigilantes, executed a thorough technical probing of the cryptocurrency startup in March and addressed it to be one of the best, most transparent, and most innovative crypto project.

Cointelligence works as a reputed platform providing robust tools for individuals and entities to leverage crypto excellence. The notable service arms of Cointelligence include the educational platform Cointelligence Academy and efficient market surveillance tools like the Exchange Rating System.

The 16-page detailed report created by Cointelligence verified Electroneum’s numbers and statistics and other significant aspects achieved by the firm in March. Where earlier the Electroneum app was downloaded by more than 2.25 million iOs and Android users from across the globe, today the figure has crossed the 2.5 million mark. The report considered this to be a noteworthy achievement for a blockchain-based startup and highlighted that people are showing trust by processing transactions on the Electroneum network.

Mr. Yavin’s report then revealed that more than 89,000 mobile top-ups via ETN had been successfully executed, which at present has increased to a whopping 150,000 number. Each month accounts for nearly 102,000 blockchain transactions while the app-to-app transfers exceeded the surprising 290,000 transactions mark. The crucial analysis mentions that the highest consumption rate of the Electroneum mobile crypto app is in Brazil. One of the chief reasons for this accomplishment is the airtime and data top-up feature offered by the app.

The Chief Goals Of Electroneum Network As Disclosed By Cointelligence Team

  • Curate, operate and manage a robust payment settlement channel that enriches individuals and small business operators in transferring money in a convenient, economical, and speedy manner.
  • To expand the network and keep the focus on developing countries in the initial phase.
  • Offering suitable methods to the users to invest money in the digital arena.

The Broader Lookout of Electroneum Views

  • To bring the population of developing countries under the financial umbrella by reducing the imparities between developed and developing economies.
  • Facilitate an alternative solution to the traditional entities offering similar services studded with Electroneum’s excellence opining that it is a more useful mechanism as well as working as a potential mechanism for access in regions where these services are not accessible by guiding the providing firms.

Cointelligence’s report also gave a special mention to Electroneum’s revolutionary P2P task marketplace named AnyTask. There were only 3,000 tasks listed on AnyTask during the publishing of the report, and nearly twice the number of transactions failed. On May 26, 2020, these tasks increased to 4,643 value, with nearly 392,000 registrations on the portal as buyers or sellers. The research team concluded that AnyTask could be fruitful for the addition of freelancers into the global parlance.

Electroneum shines as the world’s first fully KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency and is secured from 51% attacks from fraudsters. The greenest cryptocurrency firm is also the proud owner of a highly economical US$40 worth crypto-supporting smartphone. It is the only crypto coin with a direct partnership with a mobile network operator, a mobile banking service provider infused in the mobile app, and the only one collaborating with NGOs as trusted miners helping developing countries to tackle the poverty crisis. All this made Cointelligence conclude that Electroneum is one of the best crypto startups existing in the sector.

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