CoinTR Exchange launches a new crypto wallet service

As a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange, CoinTR emphasizes secure and compliant development. Recently, it introduced its Crypto Wallet service, which combines asset security with the efficient trading experience of centralized exchanges. This service ensures that users have complete control and ownership of their assets, preventing the exchange from misusing user funds. 

Users can easily check their asset status through an on-chain browser and transfer their assets to the CoinTR exchange for trading. They can also transfer funds from the exchange wallet to their Crypto wallet anytime. CoinTR currently supports Ethereum and TRON chains for asset management.

The on-chain asset management is transparent, secure, and impervious to misappropriation. The exchange has no authority to misuse user funds since they exist on the blockchain, completely transparent and public. Only users with private keys can access their assets, and no one, including the exchange, can use fraudulent transactions to misappropriate user funds.

To ensure user asset security under any market circumstances, CoinTR’s Crypto wallet allows instant withdrawals, providing users the freedom to manage their funds. Even if the exchange were to close, users would still be able to withdraw funds successfully at any time, avoiding issues like those faced by FTX.

CoinTR offers users the non-custodial features of DeFi and the efficiency and usability of centralized exchange platforms (CEX). It ensures efficient trade settlement capabilities while safeguarding traders’ privacy in personal transaction data and activities.

CoinTR’s CTO states that integrating on-chain wallets into centralized exchanges is not technologically challenging. Still, the real difficulty lies in separating asset control rights, which could impact the profitability and survival of some centralized exchanges. However, it can fundamentally solve the risks of excessive centralization. CoinTR has upgraded centralized exchanges and provided better use cases and user experiences for on-chain wallets, aiming to make this model the next-generation standard for evolving centralized exchanges.

CoinTR’s on-chain wallet currently supports deposits and withdrawals across multiple chains, offering traders options with low fees and low latency. CoinTR’s commitment to security is guided by the principle “Your keys, Your coins.”

About CoinTR

CoinTR is a global exchange based in Turkiye, located in Maslak, the CBD of Istanbul. More than 100 products and operation experts from the world’s top blockchain companies. CoinTR focuses on providing users with the most secure and stable trading experience. In addition to providing diverse trading tools including Fiat deposit, spot trading, futures trading, copy trading, and earn. Additionally, CoinTR is committed to expanding its global reach through various resources while promoting the growth of local industries. Now CoinTR is ranked #30 on Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko.


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