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Leading Cryptocurrencies Made Available to Pay Tax Fees

The cryptocurrency portfolio manager and tax reporting tool,, has announced its integration with Pay merchants. With this integration, users can now pay their tax fees with leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and XRP, along with’s native CRO token. has been the leader in cryptocurrency tracking as well as tax reporting since its inception in 2012. The application went online in April 2013 and is the world’s first-ever tax reporting and portfolio management tool. It seamlessly integrates the user’s cryptocurrency wallets and is the most trusted place for tax calculations.

Users can easily view their transaction history across multiple platforms and currencies, whether they are entered manually or via crypto exchanges. The service is free up to the first 200 transactions, after which, it will cost $9.99 per month for upgrading to the “Pro” version of the application. With CoinTracking’s recent tie-up with, advanced users can pay this monthly fee of $9.99 in crypto. 

However, the merchants need to pay only 0.5% payout fees, thereby saving up to 80% when compared to other traditional payment systems. The customers’ crypto payments are converted into the merchant’s preferred currency choice using the advanced tools of the CoinTracking application.

The quick onboarding process and user-friendly dashboard allow merchants to generate invoices without the need for additional integrations. Merchants can also issue tax invoices via email to collect crypto payments using the Invoice service of Pay gateways.

CoinTracking.Info itself is a large platform with millions of users across the world. The total value of its customers’ profiles exceeds USD 4.3 billion, with over 100 tax professionals from all corners of the world in its team of advisors. The app is secured by 2-factor authentication and API encryption that can restore trade backups. The app comprises a chart of 8823 coins and assets at their latest prices and volumes, allowing users to have a complete overview of the underlying assets. Users can also have a comprehensive analysis by looking at the coin trends and statistics on the app’s chart.

CoinTracking’s integration with pay merchants has added to immense benefits for the app users. merchants can now accept payments in leading crypto coins or their preferred fiat currencies from over 30 million global users.

With its user-centric special features, users can check their crypto balances and calculate their return on investments, all in one place. Apart from these benefits, CoinTracking app users can also calculate their losses and/or gains, calculate their current and historical coin values, and keep track of tax-free coins. Tax reports for the IRS and other tax authorities can also be generated using the CoinTracking application.

About Pay Pay is a mobile wallet QR enabled payment solution powered by Chain. The app creates a frictionless onboarding experience for users for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. It allows customers to complete the checkout process and pay for the goods and/or services with crypto coins directly at the online store using the wallet app.


To install the app, customers first need to include the app’s code snippet into your website and provide the required callback function implementations. This will redirect you to the Pay button using its JavaScript SDK on your checkout page. At each stage, there are secure processes for authenticating, validating, and authorizing data communications between the merchant’s website and the customer’s browser to ensure transaction security.

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