Collaboration alert: Polygon, Flipkart & Hang

Polygon Labs has partnered with Flipkart, a major digital commerce entity, and Hang, a leading loyalty platform, to create a specialized loyalty program. This collaboration has the potential to introduce millions of new users to Web3, an emerging technology. The program, known as FireDrops 2.0, aims to enhance user engagement with brands by providing rewarding experiences and promoting brand loyalty through gamification. By involving the community and incorporating NFT technology for rewards, FireDrops revolutionizes brand loyalty programs, offering users a better experience.

According to Naren Ravula, VP and Head of Product Strategy and Deployment at Flipkart, integrating Web3 and NFTs into brand loyalty programs has a significant impact on brand marketing, storytelling, and customer engagement. Flipkart recognizes the value of customer loyalty and the growing importance of Web3 loyalty. The partnership with Polygon Labs and Hang allows them to develop an innovative rewards and loyalty program, prioritizing brands and their customers.

The inclusion of NFTs in the loyalty program enables users to easily own and redeem rewards, creating new revenue streams for brands and empowering customers to actively participate in the loyalty ecosystem. Furthermore, FireDrops plans to establish a dynamic marketplace where users can buy and sell rewards, adding flexibility and value to loyalty programs, and fostering deeper engagement with brands.

FireDrops offers users an immersive experience, where they can engage with their favorite brands in meaningful ways. Through surprises, games, and rewards, users can earn exciting benefits and build a stronger connection with the brands they love. Quests and games related to preferred brands allow users to earn membership passes, lifetime discounts, and more, further enhancing the user-brand relationship.

By leveraging Flipkart’s extensive reach in the Indian market and the scalability provided by Polygon protocols, FireDrops is positioned to transform loyalty programs. Hang, with its expertise in next-generation loyalty solutions and partnerships with prominent companies like Square, Toast, and Shopify, completes the collaboration.

Matt Smolin, CEO and founder of Hang, highlights the monumental opportunity for innovative brands like Flipkart to redefine customer connections and loyalty. He envisions gamified, personalized, and Web3-enabled programs as the future of loyalty. The partnership with Flipkart allows Hang to bring this vision to the masses. To be among the first to experience FireDrops, interested individuals can join the waitlist. 

This collaboration holds the promise of building an equitable future for all through the widespread adoption of Web3 technology.

David Cox

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