Colorado Passes Law for Research on Blockchain for Water Mgmt

A bill was passed in both chambers of the legislative Assembly of Colorado, which aimed to bring into effect the study of innovative technological development in the conservation and maintenance of the state’s water resources. They specifically emphasized on blockchain and similar technologies for the implementation of this project.

The legislation received sponsorship and backing from forty-five legislators, which states that the public need and curiosity mandates the authorization and direction of the College of Colorado to conduct research on the viability and pilot deployment of industrial science, in partnership with Colorado state college and Colorado water center. Then they have to submit the report in the last meeting of the general assembly to help others assess the potential of the industrial sciences in improving the administration of the water supplies of Colorado.

According to the legislation, the project will aim to discover unmanned aerial vehicle and remote locating systems and “blockchain-based documentation.” The documentation part will be aided by communication and verification of data regarding the management of water. Since the state has a rigorous system of prior appropriation, they would have to accomplish certain commitments and plans for increment and conservation of water.

The law’s clauses also inform readers that the findings from the research will be presented to the legislative assembly on a tentative date in the next twelve months. The bill will be signed by the Democrat governor of Colorado, Jared Polis, an enthusiast in cryptocurrency, on the 17th of June.

It is hoped that the sanction of this bill will help eradicate the acute water shortage that most US states in the western region of the country experience and will also open new leagues in sustainable water management.

Roxanne Williams

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