Common Ground World updates its popular farming sim game

The Common Ground World Team intends to incorporate a highly anticipated feature into their masterpiece game. It is an excellent combination of teamwork, strategy, and competition that improves their farming sim game. The Gala Games ecosystem is about to launch its first tokenized Node licenses, Common Ground World Nodes. The release of the Node-powered guilds of Common Ground World is anticipated for late April 2024, followed by the initial Node Workload NFTs of GalaChain.

The forthcoming update will significantly impact the way in which players engage with one another in the digital environment of Common Ground World. Participants are granted the ability to form their own guild, which is the most significant benefit of a Common Ground World Node Workload NFT.

This stage encompasses the following: selecting a node from which to establish a guild, designating the guild a name and a unique tag, crafting a guild description, and assembling a maximum of twenty guild members to partake in the guild’s advantages.

Guild leaders possess the authority to administer the Guild NFT Library, augmenting the guild’s capabilities. Guild membership improves one’s chances of achieving success and grants access to all NFTs in the Guild Library. A guild membership can significantly enhance an individual’s proficiency in the farming sim game. Guild, similar to other games, fosters a sense of unity and collaborative accomplishment. Common Ground World has entered a new era of unparalleled cooperation with the addition of Guilds.

A new standard of excellence in competition has unquestionably been set by the Common Ground World Team. Guild members can put their strategic reasoning and cooperation to the test in this incredible farming sim game.

Since its inception, The Guild has empowered players, and Gala Games’ upper management is cognizant of the fact that their distinctive mission goes beyond just providing gaming. Their fervor lies in harnessing the capabilities of GalaChain to invigorate the online gaming sector in the year 2024. Members of the Guild can rest assured that they will reap the rewards of any digital endeavors in which they engage.

GalaChain’s contribution to the gaming industry is exemplified by the tokenization of Common Ground World Node licenses and the introduction of Guilds. As the Common Ground World Guilds approach their official premiere, they cordially invite their community to partake in this momentous expedition. They believe that their success was established upon their community’s fervor and active participation.

The leadership team of Common Ground World anticipates an era characterized by collaboration, innovation, and rivalry, in which each participant is given the chance to establish an empire independently. Common Ground World envisions a future in which every player lives in the excitement of a creative environment.

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