Community building through Shibarium’s intake system

Shibarium started to understand that they were missing out on the chance to accept many of the viable ideas that were coming their way. Since there were numerous contributing factors, it was challenging to identify any one cause precisely. In response to all of these considerations, as well as the requirement for absolute ways and means of establishing a community, the concept of the intake system emerged.

With the help of this system, they understood that they would now be in a position to accurately identify the most viable projects. Furthermore, they will have the ability to connect them with others. Through this, the correct sort of validators will also be found.

The team at Shibarium earlier found that many were approaching them with various projects. However, they were unable to entertain them for various reasons, and they also realized that they were seemingly missing out on a number of opportunities to work with, invest in, or promote as well.

They realized that sometimes their defense team was responsible for rejecting offers or issues linked to the schedule of the projects, the costs, or any other aspect that may have been inconsequential but remained unaddressed.

Overall, there was simply a lack of a positive way of separating the professionals from the amateurs. Now that the intake system has fallen into place, they will find themselves much more organized as and when a further request comes their way. They will now be able to do justice where others are concerned and for themselves. 

David Cox

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