Comparison of ICO Market in 2018 from 2017

In the past year (2018), around 2,284 initial coin offering (ICOs) was launched when compared to the 966 coin offerings launched in 2017. Also in 2018, there were on an average 482 token sales opening every day of the year when compared to 91 in the year 2017, thereby giving the investors plenty of options to choose from for investment in 2018.

But if we talk about the economic results, that doesn’t sound impressive. The total amount raised in 2018 was almost $11.4 billion, which is just around 12 percent more than that raised in 2017. In 2017 the total amount raised was around $10 billion.

In the month of March 2018, ICOs had accumulated approximately $1.75 billion. Since the start of the uptrend in ICO’s which started in May’17, the highest collection was noted in the first half of 2018, except for Jun’17 which saw an abnormally high collection of greater than $ 4 billion, which was a complete outlier. As the year 2018 proceeded, the ICO collections kept falling and as it reached November 2018, the collection was $0.36 billion, making it the worst result since May 2017.

Majority of the token issued was based on the Ethereum platform, with around 84.29 percent of the token issued based on Ethereum, around 1.25 percent on Stellar and around 0.55 percent on NEO.

This was visible on the price of Ether, with the price being highly volatile. On January 13, 2018, Ether touched a maximum value of $1,352, whereas the lowest value of the same was around $84 which was noticed in mid-December, a loss of over 94 percent in its value. The trend in ICO’s would follow the trends if its underlying cryptocurrency and as such the range of funds raised between March and November 2018 were about 79 percent.

However, the funds by ICOs raised in the year 2018 was still excess from that of the previous year (2017) despite the downturn and the higher risks.

ICO bench has enlisted various new entrants of ICOs in the year which accounted for the maximum number of new projects in March 2018 (528), but the number of upcoming ICOs has fallen at the end of summer and in October attained the lowest point of 233.

Consequently, there is a huge number of ICOs but the resources are not optimum to satisfy the same due to which the average amount of funds raised by a single ICO was around $11.52 million in 2018 which was quite less against the $24.35 million in 2017.

Furthermore, there is one more criterion which is relevant for considering the success of the ICOs market – the size differences regarding the actual results of each ICO even though the amount raised in the form of capital by the ICOs has reduced, especially with a rise in the average size of the smallest ICOs

The worst ICO that finished in 2017 with a positive result (additional than $1) raised $420, whereas the worst for 2018 was $761.

At the end of 2018, ICO promoters have launched their headquarters across various places such as United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. These three countries have more new ICOs ending 2018.

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