Composable Finance overcomes technical barriers to build Centauri

Composable Finance recently announced the first trust-minimized CosmoDot connection. Named Centauri, the connection between DotSama and Cosmos is expanding the interchain ecosystem. Names like Interchain Foundation, Strangelove, NotionalDAO, Informal Systems, and 100+ validators took part in the development process.

Composable Finance released a detailed post on its official website to shed more information on the connection. The network stated how DotSama and Cosmos SDK Chains have many commonalities besides their multi-chain architecture.

The parties also share their vision for user-centricity and interoperability. Even then, the networks have been miles away from collaboration. This led to users failing to experience smooth transactions between DotSama and the interchain.

It also restricted developers from creating protocols that could use both networks to explore cross-chain functionalities. But now, the divide between the networks is lifted with Composable Finance launching Centauri.

It acts as the first trust-minimized connection between Kusama, Cosmos, and Polkadot. Thus, it helps 46+ IBC-supported Cosmos SDK chains to interoperate with 80 DotSama parachains. This can be done in a completely trust-minimized and non-custodial way.

The integration will establish a seamless flow between the platforms with interchain-native tokens, such as ATOM entering DotSama through Pablo DEX. Similarly, DotSama-native tokens like KSM and DOT are also entering the Cosmos SDK Chains.

This collaboration has opened a new realm of possibilities for networks, users, and developers alike. The primary use case it has opened is cross-ecosystem DEX pairing. It includes native tokens from both Cosmos SDK Chains and DotSama on Osmosis, the biggest DEX on the chain.


Moreover, the collaboration is seeing the introduction of Stargaze, Stride, Osmosis, and Cosmos Hub. Given the track record of the networks, their partnership has been welcomed by their respective communities. That is why Centauri has been a hit even before its market launch.

Scott Cook

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