Concero and Chainlink BUILD program form an alliance

Concero is collaborating with the Chainlink BUILD program to accelerate the evolution of the ecosystem and future acceptance of cross-chain apps. This will be accomplished through connectivity with Chainlink’s benchmark oracle solutions and technical support.

In addition, increased crypto economic safety will be encouraged. In turn, Concero will be expected to deliver network fees and additional benefits to the Chainlink community, as well as its service providers and stakeholders.

The integration of BUILD with Concero provides the benefit of full support from the Chainlink ecosystem, as well as streamlined integration, development, and incentive balancing between the Chainlink and Concero communities. A seamless cross-chain DeFi ecosystem that eliminates the need for connected users to utilize a wallet framework and blockchain will benefit the organization.

Concero aims to provide users with a decentralized, secure, and user-friendly application with seamless integration with the DeFi ecosystem, regardless of the blockchain.

Concero’s products are built on three key principles: safety, speed, and ease of use. At this moment, Concero’s cross-chain staking and DEX aggregator constitute its most prominent offerings. Both are integrated with leading blockchains and applications that allow users to choose their own yields and utilize comprehensive features.

Concero aspires to develop a highly functional application that caters to the needs of the majority of cryptocurrency users, serving as an entry point for new users to engage with the DeFi domain. They will employ account abstraction and CCIP for this purpose.

In order to maximize the benefits and dependability of Chainlink’s oracle framework, Concero focused on BUILD. Additionally, Concero will benefit from the integration and accessibility of Chainlink’s cross-chain interoperability protocol (CCIP). Connectivity will be established with the most recent alpha and beta releases of Chainlink products.

Concero will be required to reciprocate by allocating 4% of its standard token inventory to Chainlink’s service providers and stakers.

In order to optimize cross-chain service, Concero intends to implement CCIP. The primary component of their cross-chain framework will be Chainlink. This, according to Andy Bohutsky and Oleg Kron, co-founders of Concero, will be an enduring partnership.


Chainlink is the ultimate benchmark for decentralized computing solutions that benefit the web. Chainlink has been responsible for a high number of transactions. It connects financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and developers with real-time data, off-chain computing, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains.

Concero, for its part, is in the process of creating a novel cross-chain framework that enables users to seamlessly exchange assets between chains and interact with DEXes and DeFi protocols.

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