ConsenSys highlights the beneficial collab of MetaMask &

ConsenSys, which happens to be the absolute leading Web3 company, has made its announcement regarding the fact that MetaMask happens to be on the verge of incorporating 

This collaboration further boosts the biggest exchange in India, going by the name of Bitbns exchange, as it will allow Indian users to easily make transactions using their bank to get instant crypto access. 

ConsenSys happens to be a leader in Ethereum, as well as a decentralized protocols software company. They happen to be providing the opportunity to developers, enterprises, and people globally to be in the position of creating new-age applications and also in the delivery of a better financial framework.

Connectivity with the decentralized web happens to be yet another function., on the other hand, happens to be a simplified solution in terms of converting fiat to crypto. It also makes it possible for developers, dApps, and Web3 applications to uninterruptedly onboard users who are not in possession of crypto.  

In this scenario, all of the connected users in India will find themselves in the position of making convenient transactions with the utilization of their bank in order to receive immediate connection with crypto. In the case of the uninitiated, MetaMask happens to be the leader in Web3 wallet globally. 

It will be possible for all of the users linked to MetaMask in the Indian sub-continent to buy crypto straight within the Metamask mobile app with the usage of Onramp. API. This happens to have the backing of a variety of localized payment modules, as in the case of UPI and IMPS. This will also happen to provide a much more uninterrupted experience, along with it being less costly, quicker, and definitely with far greater effectiveness. happens to be a platform that allows the uninterrupted and immediate making of transactions with regard to the India-based users of crypto. This very incorporation will become instrumental in the adoption of blockchain technology within India. It also helps that in the present scenario, it happens to be the government of India that is eyeing digital forms of payments, and together with the incorporation of UPI with blockchain technology, the situation is only bound to improve further. 

According to the CEO of, Gaurav Dahake, this merging with MetaMask will open the doors for Indian users to be able to have access to digital assets in a more decentralized fashion. Decentralized applications will also be attainable, overall creating a better environment for the adoption of blockchain technology where the Indian users are concerned.  

Presently, there happen to be additions being made in terms of exchanges and platforms. Yet, there seems to be the issue of a dearth of consensus and the lacking of an immediate and real-world payment framework which happens to be coming in the way of a better form of carrying out crypto transactions. 

Now that the merger has taken place, all of these matters will be adequately addressed. Where the Product manager of MetaMask, Lorenzo Santos, is concerned, this very scenario will provide all users in India with easier and more convenient connectivity with Ethereum, Polygon, and also the BNB Networks. Along with all of that will also be the utilization of decentralized applications.

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