Consider Waves For Your Long Term Investment

The Russian entrepreneur Ivanov launched Waves in 2016. Waves first ever launched DEX- Decentralised Exchange which helps traders trade any pair of the token without making any transaction via an intermediate currency. Only a few milliseconds are required to approve this transaction. DEX is much safer and faster than any other traditional cryptocurrency exchange. Waves is an open source decentralized platform that allows any user to create their very own digital currencies.

Current stature of Waves

The crypto exchange France, Waves (WAVES), is currently getting traded at a value of USD 2.85 (UTC time 09:48). It has a market cap worth USD 285,453,758. At present, 100,000,000 WAVES is getting circulated in the crypto sphere. It is at the 21st position among all the cryptocurrencies that are currently getting traded.

Price analysis of Waves on the basis of WAVES charts

Waves chart

From the above chart, it is seen that the current price of WAVES is 2.87 USD or 0.00072370 BTC (UTC time 10:00). Its current market cap has a value worth of 287,056,907 USD with 24h volume worth of 20,615,632 USD. From the same chart, it is seen that on January 30, 2019, the price of Waves was 2.99 USD. So, within this approx. One month period, the price of Waves has been deterred by -4.01%. But, if one considers its prices for the past few days, then it will be seen that Waves is on a bullish trend line.

Future price predictions of Waves

The crypto analysts on the basis of its current resistance value have suggested that on a long term basis (after 5 years), the price of Waves can uplift by 587.69%. This indicates that in 2023, its forecasted price is around $19.65. They also suggested that the price of Waves coin will be on the higher side in the future. The platform of Waves has pioneered the arena of smart contracts, and thus, it has caught the attraction of investors from worldwide.

Another thing that contributes to its increasing recognition is its fast transaction speed and processing time that it offers to its users. As per Waves crypto prediction, at the end of 2019, the price of Waves is predicted to be $5.09.

So, from all these predictions, it is evident that Waves price will rise in the future. Moreover, due to its amazing benefits, its number of users will grow, leading to increased trading of WAVES coins.

Summing up

Waves have amazing features that it offers to its users. Moreover, as the future prices of this crypto are predicted to be on the higher side, the investors can consider splurging on this crypto to have a good return on a long term basis.

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