Constellation network’s fractional soft node staking initiative is live

As reported by reliable sources, thankfully, $DAG holders have some great breaking news. Putting it simply, if all goes well, $DAG holders will, by long odds, have the opportunity to stake their $DAG on a monthly basis; however, they will be able to do so in the first three days of a month. Meanwhile, as an integral part of the initiative, they need to enter the soft node initiative for the specific month and gather rewards together.

All $DAG holders appear to find the Constellation Network’s plan for fractional soft node staking to be reasonable and adaptable. Simply put, any holder owning even less than 250,000 $DAG for a full soft node has the freedom to stake as much $DAG as they can afford at this time. 

The soft node staking rewards pool offers shares for as little as 100 $DAG, but it is the lowest amount that can be obtained on the platform. Another crucial point to bear in mind is that the benefits offered to full soft note stakers are limited to 50% of the reward pool and are designated for divisional soft node stakers only. In other words, the rewards pool automatically unlocks once a staker reaches the 250K $DAG level, and rewards are doubled.

Each staked amount of $DAG with a value less than 250K is counted as a fractional shard rather than a single node. To be more specific, each inclusive shard qualifies the staker to receive rewards from the inclusive soft node rewards pool. In contrast, each fractional shard qualifies the staker to receive rewards from a 50% rewards pool.

If you stake 505,000 $DAG, for instance, you would therefore obtain 2.02 shards (250k x 2 = 2 shards + 5,000/250K = 0.02 shards), making you eligible for inclusive soft node payouts for the 2 inclusive shards and fractional shard rewards from the 50% pool for the remaining 0.02 shard.

Any modifications to the soft node staking initiative will not, however, affect the reward structure for hardware validator node manipulators.


Constellation is a rapidly expanding and trustworthy decentralized platform that enables anyone interested in Web3 to build and develop cutting-edge Web3 using quick transactions with no fees. In addition to being secure, infinitely scalable, and cross-chain interoperable, the platform possesses a number of other unique characteristics.

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