Consumers to Get Increased Utility as SimpleSwap Announces Dash Integration

As per the recent reports, SimpleSwap has integrated Dash. For those who come in late, SimpleSwap is known for offering inexpensive and simple digital currency exchanges that have zero limits and don’t require consumer registrations.

SimpleSwap uses various exchange partners for the identification of the most suitable exchange rate. The best thing is that it finds you the preferable rates in the quickest timeframe. The digital currency exchange platform will be incorporating the Dash integration with fixed-rate exchanges and it will enable users to acquire the exact amount which was estimated, irrespective of the fluctuating market, for about 20 minutes while sending the deposit.

According to SimpleSwap, they are considered as reliable by the majority of crypto enthusiasts as they have not mandated registrations and digital currency storage features. Because of this, the consumers feel they are at minimal risk compared to bigger crypto exchanges which require them to first deposit money into the official wallet of the exchange.

As there is no requirement of registering with the platform, it helps in preserving users’ privacy to a greater extent. However, a transaction can still get flagged for AML/KYC registration by any of SimpleSwap’s partner exchanges but even then users have the choice to either continue with the registration process or simply deny and get back their money.

More Options for Customers

Off late, SimpleSwap has been offering customers an increasing number of options that don’t require them to divulge more personal information, which is rare to be seen in popular and bigger crypto swaps and exchange platforms. For instance, Shapeshift.

The emergence of these services boosts competition in terms of privacy as well as digital currencies as a whole. That’s because customers are in a position to utilise such exchanges to hassle-freely move between different coins. As a result, the development teams of each coin get more invested in working towards resolving customer problems to attain increased usage. On the other hand, if a customer dislikes a particular coin or faces an unfortunate bug, he or she can switch to another digital currency that they find optimal, easily.

Another major advantage of this feature is that the customer is able to expend the money even when there is a difference in the form of crypto they received and the type of crypto accepted by the local merchant. Consider this example, a few donation plans have taken place to help the struggling Venezuelans through Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, and a number of other digital coins. But the nation has Dash as its most commonly utilized and accepted digital currency. Thanks to these seamless and easy exchanges, Venezuelans as well as other customers can perform easy conversions of their received donation into Dash and use the same while making purchases of goods or services from local vendors.

Dash Concentrates on Providing Customers With More Power

Dash, which has always focused on being the digital cash that customers can use in their everyday life, is now accepted at about 4,800 merchants across the world. While the number of merchants accepting Dash in Venezuela is around 2,500, Columbia records approximately 500 such merchants. All of it was made achievable due to Dash’s distinct DOA structure which empowers the network in funding a number of projects that enhance the network instead of depending on the 3rd party funding.

Dash also integrates with primary gift card associates such as Coincards, Bitrefill, and eGifter, which enables consumers to buy at more locations, adding to the count of merchants taking Dash.


Also, the automatic InstantSend feature lets customers make instant purchases whereas merchants don’t have to fear about any risk of doublespend attacks. In addition, its PrivateSend feature facilitates privacy protection to customers in nations that have authoritarian leadership.

A combination of all these features ultimately offers more power to the customers who now have the freedom to actually utilize their financial freedom in their daily life.  SimpleSwap is a very versatile platform that is also extremely simple to use.  Should you require further insights and a comprehensive understanding of the topic at hand, we cordially invite you to peruse our detailed and insightful SimpleSwap review page.

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