Contentos Partners With Merito to Work on NFT Expansion

Leading content portal powered by decentralization and supported by Binance Labs ecosystem, Contentos has announced its strategic partnership with Merito, a revolutionary influencer marketing software solution.

The integrating teams will put in their tools and services to explore the fast-growing field of Non-Fungible Tokens. The collaboration will help the two firms cater to creators’ requirements to reach out to users on a global scale and monetize their work in the sector.

According to the report, the deal will allow Contentos and Merito to proliferate into new market domains with their path-breaking products. The teams will provide rich quality NFT content to the Korean market and across multiple countries via crucial partnerships with involved firms. They will provide access to several Intellectual Properties (IP) to mint NFTs as virtual assets and support their distribution through transparent channels.

Contentos has managed to establish itself as a trustworthy brand in the digital content space. Its partnership with Merito will help them evolve and contribute to the NFT industry. The firm recently launched a content NFT minting product on COS.TV, which eventually enabled it to strengthen its hold in the video NFTs domain. In a week, the solution has collected over 300 videos for NFT publishing.

The influencer portal of Merito allows customers to buy time of their favorite influencer via auctions so that they can connect on a one-on-one basis in an online or offline mode. The firm has cracked a deal with Worldho Bros Entertainment, a renowned Chinese entity managed by Kim Ho-sang. The company is all set to mark its strong presence in the NFT market and is taking all the necessary steps to achieve its goal. The team recently acquired copyrights for the work of popular pop sensation, Digiway or Way Fung.

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