Core DAO introduces the launch of its mainnet

As per the official announcement by Core DAO, the launch of its mainnet would enable Bitcoin’s soundness, decentralization, and security to meet the interoperability, composability, and scalability of Ethereum.

Satoshi Plus consensus has granted the collaboration of Delegated Proof of Stake, a structured Validator Election Mechanism, and Proof of Work for the first time in history with the purpose of merging the fundamental elements of the blockchain world to its best potential.

As is well known, the blockchain sector has advanced swiftly over the past decade and introduced several innovations, developments, and insights. Imagining what the blockchain would look like in 2023, when Satoshi originally planned to release Bitcoin, provided the idea for the Core’s design. Thanks to Bitcoin’s mining hash power, a blockchain that is Turing-complete and EVM-compatible is now ready to serve as the backbone of Web3.

After the integration, Core DAO would work on cementing the Core network with the help of Bitcoin’s mining community, and it would also decentralize and safeguard its network through staking. Core has accepted Bitcoin miners as Satoshi Plus’s “proof of operation” feature and has already been working smoothly since the beginning. Assigning hash power to the Core system is an extremely easy procedure, and new miners would get bonus prizes.


The goal of Core is to support the Bitcoin network by giving Bitcoin miners rewards, which will serve as a second BTC block reward when the Bitcoin supply runs out in the near future. Core has advanced thanks to its guiding concept, which forbids any sort of compromise with regard to scalability, security, and decentralization. But it takes a lot of conviction and patience to concentrate on the core blockchain components. As a result of the lengthy process involved, the Core’s adventure has only just begun with this launch.

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