Core integrates a revolutionary airdrop tool by Ava Labs

Core is Avalanche’s premium native ecosystem wallet and portfolio, and its airdrop tool guarantees seamless token distribution. Core empowers any builder to strategically reward its loyal community members. To celebrate the powerful features of Core, they have rewarded all participants from their Core Memecoin Month. 

Participants will receive a distributed reward in the same meme coin they used during the splendid event. If a participant qualifies for COQ’s memecoin week, he or she will be airdropped COQ coins.

The remarkable feature of Ava Labs’ new airdrop tool is that it effectively addresses challenging problems with airdrops. Cost-effective promotional airdrop tools are in huge demand now since airdrops are essential to Web3 growth strategies. 

Core’s airdrop tool is renowned as a very simple airdrop and promotions tool with huge potential. It provides Core users with a straightforward and free method to utilize on-chain data for airdrops and promotions. Core’s easy-to-use interface empowers a builder to streamline token distribution and community engagement.

Ava Labs provides indexing on on-chain data and equips Core’s airdrop tool to examine contract-level activity. Aggregating C Chain token balances on a daily basis is a vital aspect of this indexing. Customers can use this data to identify addresses that meet any particular criteria based on token activity. 

Avalanche C chain and a subset of ERC20 tokens are supported by Core’s airdrop tool, the company’s flagship digital product. More diverse tokens will be added to the list shortly, and airdrops are usually distributed through contracts employed on-chain.

The core airdrop tool showcases a deployed prototype of the ThirdWeb Airdrop contract and the internal security team of Ava Labs. Users can effortlessly locate community members who have previously interacted with the contract using its query builder. Local community members can be filtered using holding duration, minimum holding duration, current holdings, and customized data ranges. 

Conducting multiple queries with a single search is possible with the Query Builder feature of the Core airdrop tool. Users can manually add addresses to the Core airdrop tool and finetune airdrop list with custom queries. All airdrops will be distributed identically among all wallets during the initial launching days of the Core airdrop tool.

It has been reported that the Core airdrop tool will add claimability features and customize amounts per address. The core airdrop tool is groundbreaking by all means. It lets the community leverage the powerful features of Avalanche activity and on-chain data. Projects can engage tactically with their users and discover new opportunities with the feature-rich UX of the Core airdrop tool. 

Core is available as an inclusive product suite on iOS and Android, as a Chrome Extension, and as a desktop application. Users can access Avalanche Bridge, Development Tools, Subnets, Discover, and Staking with Core. Core supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other EVM(Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains. Users can create a self-custody wallet with their Gmail or Apple ID with the Core airdrop tool.

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